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Riva Starr If Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade

Italian-born Riva Starr (a.k.a. Stefano Miele) is difficult to pin down. His talent for catchy hooks is as well known as his predilection for pilfering sounds from various genres, and both tendencies are on full display here.… Read more »


King Midas Sound Waiting for You

As The Bug, dub master Kevin Martin invites flame and fury into his studio, employing dancehall MCs to invoke poison darts, murder, pain, and insanity, as displayed by his brilliant 2008 LP, London Zoo.… Read more »

Owen Pallett Heartland

Filled to the brim with ambitious, orchestral arrangements and an army of instruments, it's easy to forget that Heartland is the work of one musician.… Read more »

RJD2 The Colossus

If you never got "Ghostwriter" out of your head, you've probably been waiting for RJD2 to return to his beatsmithing roots.… Read more »


Lindstrøm & Christabelle Real Life Is No Cool

After hearing Where You Go I Go Too, a three-song, 55-minute opus, one might not expect Lindstrøm to follow it up with a pop-disco collaboration like Real Life Is No Cool.… Read more »

Little Dragon Machine Dreams

Machine Dreams, the second album by Sweden's Little Dragon, treads similar territory as The Knife's Deep Cuts.… Read more »

Supersilent 9

Though the packaging—turquoise, this time—eschews personnel details per usual, it's widely known that the ninth album from Supersilent was completed without their drummer Jarle Vespestad.… Read more »

Syntaks Ylajali

While Copenhagen-based bandleader Jakob Skott has been quietly producing music as Syntaks for the better part of a decade, Ylajali represents an important new step for the project—not only is it the first Syntaks full-length on Ghostly, it's also t… Read more »

Kid Sister Ultraviolet

Ultraviolet took three years to come out, but that duration only confronts the listener on "Pro Nails," the Kanye-guesting acrylics jam that broke Kid Sister: it sounds not so much dated as simply known—a remarkable shelf life for a blog hit.… Read more »

Felix You Are the One I Pick

Unfortunately, the opening song from this British chamber-pop duo spoils the entire album.… Read more »

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