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Pink Skull Endless Bummer

The latest album from Philly's dance-obsessive weirdos Pink Skull initially seems to have transitioned the outfit into more accessible territory.… Read more »

Kelpe Cambio Wechsel

English producer Kelpe (a.k.a. Kel McKeown) works in the potentially conservative field of downtempo funk, but in his clever hands, the funk is anything but conventional.… Read more »

My Robot Friend Soft-Core

On his third full-length album, Soft-Core, the imaginative Howard Robot of New York-based My Robot Friend has retrofitted his usual light-dappled indie-electronic milieu with a surprisingly simpatico cast of diverse musical characters.… Read more »

Demdike Stare Symbiosis

Miles Whittaker has been a bewitchingly busy fella of late, releasing warehouse techno under his MLZ moniker, playing dubby doubles with Gary Howell in Pendle Coven and Andy Stott in the cheeky Millie & Andrea, and now teaming up with Sean Canty in t… Read more »

port-royal dying in time

Though the album's starkly snowy cover might have something to do with it, Genoa's port-royal does evoke a crystalline, wintery quality on its third full-length.… Read more »

King Coya Cumbias de Villa Donde

As cumbia is increasingly embraced worldwide, it's exciting to see how this folkloric tradition has been given so many new treatments.… Read more »

Quantec Cauldron Subsidence

Joined at the hip, sonically speaking, minimalist producers in Detroit and Berlin subverted standard (and increasingly stale) techno and house of the mid-1990s by reducing music to architecture you can dance to.… Read more »

Bodymovin Bodymovin

Bodymovin, the self-titled debut album combining the efforts of German producers DJ Friction and Thomilla, maintains a head-bobbing groove while avoiding unnecessary ornamentation.… Read more »

The Clonious Between the Dots

In addition to doling out wings on a daily basis, Red Bull is gaining quite the reputation with its esteemed Music Academy becoming an official launch pad for young, innovative, left-of-center artists from around the globe.… Read more »

Cobra Killer Uppers and Downers

Still dolled up like fetishized East Berlin schoolmarms, Gina D’Orio and Annika Trost have kept up their art-damaged moxie, for better and worse.… Read more »

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