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B2B: Kevin Saunderson and MK, Part 2

Yesterday, we published part one of our extended conversation with electronic-music veterans Kevin Saunderson and MK (a.k.a. Marc Kinchen). In the second half of their lengthy exchange, the artists discuss the major labels' retreat from dance music, the legacy of Detroit, future plans, MK's move to the pop world, and how Pitbull brought him back to house music. … Read more »

B2B: Kevin Saunderson and MK, Part 1

It's fun to imagine that electronic-music legends all know each other, as if there's some kind of social club for all those producers and DJs who helped shape house, techno, and all the other strains of dance music. Obviously, that notion doesn't quite jive with reality, but in some cases, veteran producers actually do have relationships that stretch back decades. For instance, take Kevin Saunderson and MK (a.k.a. Marc Kinchen). The former is one of the progenitors of Detroit techno, one-third of the venerable Belleville Three, and the producer behind Inner City, Reese Project, and a litany of other endeavors. The latter is one of the key figures in the '90s NY garage sound, and a producer who truly pioneered the art of the remix. Yet the pair first met more than 20 years ago in Detroit, when Saunderson was first exploding with Inner City and Kinchen was just another local kid looking to get involved. … Read more »

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