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B2B: Robert Hood and John Tejada, Part Three

In the final segment of XLR8R's B2B session between Robert Hood and John Tejada—part one and part two went up earlier in the week—the artists take on the fast-evolving tools of electronic-music production and their hopes and thoughts for the electronic-music world moving forward. … Read more »

B2B: Robert Hood and John Tejada, Part Two

Yesterday, we featured Part One of our extended conversation with Robert Hood and John Tejada—two verteran producers who have recently added new full-lengths to their accomplished discographies. In the second chapter of our three-part conversation, we discuss their perspective on the American techno legacy and each man's approach for their respective new albums. … Read more »

B2B: Robert Hood and John Tejada, Part One

Robert Hood and John Tejada are veteran producers in the truest sense of the term, having separately witnessed, survived, and—in some cases—led through the various ebbs and flows of techno's last decade-and-a-half. Last month, both artists individually unveiled their latest statements, with Hood issuing the third installment of his Nighttime World series (the last of which appeared on his own M-Plant label over 12 years ago) and Tejada offering his second full-length release for the renowned Kompakt label, The Predicting Machine. While they may come from different schools and slightly different generations of techno lineage, Hood and Tejada found much in common when we brought them together for a special conversation, and in the first part of our B2B session, the two men revealed a glimpse of electronic music's early spirit while discussing how they've continued to find inspiration for all these years. … Read more »

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