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Chef/Ramadanman Dubstep Allstars: Vol. 7

This double mix CD sorts out the differences—some glaring, others more subtle—of dubstep's multidirectional past, present and future.… Read more »

Kelpe Cambio Wechsel

English producer Kelpe (a.k.a. Kel McKeown) works in the potentially conservative field of downtempo funk, but in his clever hands, the funk is anything but conventional.… Read more »

The Clonious Between the Dots

In addition to doling out wings on a daily basis, Red Bull is gaining quite the reputation with its esteemed Music Academy becoming an official launch pad for young, innovative, left-of-center artists from around the globe.… Read more »

Various Artists Tectonic Plates, Vol. 2

Dubstep will remain alive and well in the early '10s if the Tectonic label's latest compilation is any indication.… Read more »

Caspa Everybody's Talking, Nobody's Listening

Every micro-genre of UK dance music seems to require a producer either bold or foolish enough to step out of the madly 12”-driven scene with an LP—just think how many copies of New Forms sit forgotten on our shelves?… Read more »

Shir Khan Exploited

There's a harsh truth about label best-of compilations—there's no excuse for filler. Unfortunately, at least half of this two-disc set feels like just that.… Read more »

Various Artists Dødpop Vol. 1

Skweee is still strange to many ears, but that’s a shame given all the attention wonky and Flying Lotus are getting, given that the ideas are similar—only skwee turns the synthesizer knob up to 11.… Read more »

King Cannibal Let the Night Roar

Dark is the word thrown around most often to describe King Cannibal, and it’s probably the single best word to encapsulate the full aesthetic, sound, and ethos of the artist formerly known as Zilla.… Read more »

Toddla T Fabriclive 47

Fabric might be famously located in London, but the album series spawned by the club has been admirably international, and although Toddla T is a fellow Brit, his entry into the line reflects the same border-hopping spirit.… Read more »

2562 Unbalance

On 2562’s debut, Aerial, songs like “Greyscale” and “Techno Dread,” both dub-centric meditations defined by roving basslines and gratifying percussive taps and crashes, suggested that the Dutch producer dabbled in a single color palette—g… Read more »

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