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Various Artists 5: Five Years of Hyperdub

Here you have it, over two hours' worth of only a fraction of the product released by Steve Goodman's (a.k.a. Kode9) London-based Hyperdub franchise. It's more than a beginner's guide, however.… Read more »

Schlachthofbronx Schlachthofbronx

Munich isn't exactly known as a hotbed for global bass sounds, but if upstart trio Schlachthofbronx has its way, that reputation may be due for an update.… Read more »

Hudson Mohawke Butter

Glasgow wunderkind Hudson Mohawke may have titled his debut full-length Butter, but that doesn't mean that the music from this LuckyMe affiliate goes down smooth.… Read more »

N-Type Rinse: 09

On this uneven mix, N-Type serves up a snapshot of dubstep's trajectory from masturbatory bassline wobbling into sexier sonic realms that might actually compel bodies to swing together on the dancefloor.… Read more »

Mary Anne Hobbs Wild Angels

Filled with buoyant beats, 8-bit shoot-outs, and pastel-funky melodies, Mary Anne Hobbs’ latest compilation contains everything you’d expect from the British tastemaker’s broadcast, minus her ecstatic voiceovers.… Read more »

Rival Consoles IO

If you miss the Aphex Twin who wrote songs that lit up warehouse raves at 3 a.m. but still tied your brain into knots, do yourself a favor and check out Rival Consoles.… Read more »

Neil Landstrumm Bambaattaa Eats His Breakfast

If you’ve ever cared about jungle, garage, or rave music, chances are pretty good that you like non-sequitur vocals, disorienting bleep melodies, and grime’s shuffle-and-slash percussion.… Read more »

Cloaks Versus Grain

Something wicked, wonderful, and unique has been brewing in the U.K. for some time—the rips, tears, and jagged edges of the utterly relentless Cloaks.… Read more »

Nosaj Thing Drift

As the West Coast’s so-called “lazer bass” scene has blown up in the past year or so, Nosaj Thing (a.k.a. L.A. producer Jason Chung) has been one of those artists you often hear about without actually hearing any music.… Read more »


Alexander Nut Rinse:08

The term of the moment is “wonky,” but when it comes to Alexander Nut’s superb blend of urban beats, it’s all about soul, swing, and a distinctly contemporary kind of swagger.… Read more »

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