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EZ Rollers Back to Love

The first single off EZ Rollers' new album presents a meaty take on the disco drum & bass craze. Live elements play off synthetic drums, creating the full, rich sound that is the group's trademark.… Read more »

Adam F Drum & Bass Warfare

Adam F's double-disc set (the second disc features a mix by Miami's DJ Craze) is a touch confusing to listen to.… Read more »

Sappo Sudden Impact EP

After a longish break, our man Sappo vengefully resurfaces with four impressive cuts of soulful rump-up.… Read more »

Breakin Barriers Play Some Jazz

A new flavor of garage from the camp called Basement-breakbeat flavor for the beats, with a very hooky jazzy sax all the way through the tune. Consider this one bumpin' and for the connoisseurs. Read more »

Infekto Burner

The debut cut from Finland's own Infekto proves a dancefloor killer of the highest degree. "Burner" is the standout of the two, slowly layering and unfolding before allowing the darkness to creep in.… Read more »

Chris Kaos, Karl K and Jason Kennedy Soul on Fire

This Philly trio should be one of the big new names for 2003.… Read more »

Hive & Keaton Feat. Busdriver Death Threat

L.A.'s own Busdriver convincingly steals this one right out from under this tight team-up. With a style that is definitely all his own, Bus provides the perfect lyrical complement to the equally ill beats bumping and grooving underneath.… Read more »

Scorn Plan B

Mick Harris is celebrated for jackhammering the apocalypse at 200 bpm on a trapkit for grindcore avatars Napalm Death. In his incarnation as Scorn, he settles down to watch the nuclear winter set in.… Read more »

The Militia Music for the Masses EP

This four-man collective-featuring the talents of Stakka, Friction, Skinny and K Tee-continues on in the rolling sci-fi vein these producers love so well.… Read more »

Friction Lightspeed

Scene leader DJ Friction brings a tune that wastes no time in getting down to business with a huge, chest-thumping b-line after an intro of rugged drums and spooky atmospherics. Also look for releases on Friction and Skinny's new Transparent label. Read more »

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