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Bubblin' Up Week 2013

Bubblin' Up Week 2013: 10 More Artists to Watch

All week long, XLR8R has been focusing its attentions on a fresh crop of artists who we expect will be doing big things in 2013. (For those that haven't been paying attention, click here to look over the entire series of Bubblin' Up Week 2013 content.) Yet even after several days of profiling up-and-coming acts that we're excited about, we realized that there were still plenty of other noteworthy producers we hadn't yet mentioned. As such, we've elected to wrap up the week with a list of 10 promising artists who appear primed to make some waves in the months ahead. … Read more »

Bubblin' Up Week 2013: Archie Pelago

In March of last year, Greg Heffernan, Zach Koeber, and Dan Hirshorn—the cellist, saxophonist, and DJ (as well as occasional trumpeter) who together make up the hybrid production/live-instrument outfit Archie Pelago—gathered in a well-lit Brooklyn apartment. With Hirshorn (a.k.a. Hirshi) behind the decks and Heffernan (a.k.a. Cosmo D) and Koeber (a.k.a. Kroba) sitting with their respective instruments behind custom Ableton Live rigs, the three piece recorded live audio and video of a 25-minute set which would air on Mary Anne Hobbs's XFM show the following month; for many, the clip also served as the first taste of the Archie Pelago sound. Marrying the more sophisticated strains of bass music with exceptional musicianship, the trio has added an accomplished list of remix duties and a handful of impressive EPs to the abundance of its absorbing live sets that can found on the web. In the wake of all this activity, it's little wonder that Archie Pelago has become one of the most uniquely promising projects to rise from New York's dance-music community. … Read more »

Bubblin' Up Week 2013: Delroy Edwards, Anthony Naples, Roche, and Huerco S. Take on House in Their Own Way

On his 2009 album Midtown 120 Blues, DJ Sprinkles declares that, "House is not u… Read more »

Bubblin' Up Week 2013: Kid Smpl

There is something about the moniker of 22-year-old producer Joey Butler (a.k.a. Kid Smpl) that's a bit misleading. Had it been 10 years ago perhaps, it would not have been so surprising to run into a "Kid Simple" spitting bars in a freestyle cypher. More recently, one wouldn't be surprised to find a vowelless "Kdsmpl" making the rounds of the chillwave and bliss-hop blogosphere. But Kid Simpl, the budding Seattle-based producer, has only the scarcest relation to those genres, having quietly built a following over the past two years with a sound that marries lonely post-dubstep, lethargic R&B, and glacial new age into an aesthetic hybrid that has begun to be referred to—in certain circles—as "night bus," a reference to the mixture of contemplation, solitude, and exhaustion one is likely to feel on lengthy late-night bus rides. The tag may seem silly, but for Kid Smpl's music, the feeling definitely fits. … Read more »

Podcast 277: South London Ordnance

The beginning of each year is always a time for looking ahead, which is why South London Ordnance is a particularly fitting choice for the first XLR8R podcast of 2013. Granted, the UK producer had himself a rather solid 2012, dropping well-received releases on a myriad of labels and snagging the #4 slot on our list of the year's Best New Artists. Nevertheless, the general consensus is that even brighter days are ahead for the youthful beatmaker. With South London Ordnance riding a wave of momentum and currently sitting atop of pile of as-yet-unreleased heaters, we figured now would be a good time to enlist him for exclusive mix. Even better, the selection ties right in to our ongoing Bubblin' Up Week, as the producer was the subject of his own Bubblin' Up feature just a few months back. … Read more »

Bubblin' Up Week 2013: Young Echo, Kahn, Vessel, Kowton, Artifact, Hodge, and the Rest of Bristol's New Generation

"It's hard to say how much influence Bristol has had on me, musically speaking," says Seb Gainsborough (a.k.a. Vessel) on the ties between his music and the city he's grown up in. "When you're making electronic music, it seems hard to get away from your geography. The musician's working environment is often of greater interest than the musician, and by default a whole history and set of assumptions is transplanted that aren't necessarily relevant. That said, I do believe that a person's environment will influence what they create." It's a dichotomy that seems of particular relevance to Bristol; unlike cities like Detroit, Chicago or Berlin, it's difficult to tie the city to the history of a single electronic genre, and various attempts over the past twenty years to trace the path of a specific 'Bristol sound' have felt forced and clumsy. Yet for over three decades, the city has been an undoubtedly fertile breeding ground for electronic and experimental music; from its links to trip-hop, drum & bass, and breakbeat in the '90s to its deep-rooted affiliation with soundsystem culture, its adoption as dubstep's second city in the mid '00s, and the Julio Bashmore-led house boom of recent years. It might not match the backstories of the aforementioned hometowns of house and techno, but there is undoubtedly something special about Bristol, something that allows certain late-night strains of music to flourish. … Read more »

Bubblin' Up Week Begins Monday, Highlights Artists to Watch in 2013

XLR8R regulars are likely already familiar with our Bubblin' Up series, in which we profile up-and-coming artists whose work is beginning to make an impact in the electronic realm. Given that a new year has just begun, it's only natural to start thinking about which new acts will be making waves in the months ahead, which is why we've decided to do something special and stretch Bubblin' Up into a week-long endeavor. Beginning on Monday, we'll be running a series of content highlighting the emerging artists whose work already has us amped for 2013. … Read more »

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