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XLR8R Buyers' Guide to Dreamin' 2K9

If you're still feeling hopped up after getting jacked, bubbled, bumped, and tri… Read more »

XLR8R Buyers' Guide to Trippin' 2K9

It's an overly caffeinated day at XLR8R HQ today, but vast consumption of coffee isn't the only thing that's got us trippin' ballz. We're also rollin' out another fine assortment of our favorite hazy, crazy, occasionally lazy mind-fucks of the year for your week-ending enjoyment. … Read more »

XLR8R Buyers' Guide to Bumpin' 2K9

Is the multitude of year-end lists breaking your brain yet? If so, let us provide the grey matter a little respite by lacing you with ANOTHER CRAZY AMAZING LIST OF AWESOME SHIT FROM THE LAST 12 MONTHS!!!! Today, the jubilant jamz that kept us Bumpin' in 2K9—a.k.a. hotness for cruisin' down tha avenue in our pimp-ass rides. … Read more »

XLR8R Buyers' Guide to Bubblin' 2K9

Back for more, are you? Well, pop your bottles to today's installment of XLR8R's Official Buyers' Guide to the most immaculate stacks of wax in the Bubblin' 2K9 category. … Read more »

XLR8R Buyers' Guide to Jackin' 2K9

Internet, you asked for it and we have delivered: Behold, the absolute best, most definitive guide to str8 jackin' tracks for the year of our Lord, Two Thousand Ought Nine. Will you find other year-ending lists of great music on the web? Sure. Will they be as completely comprehensive, amazing, and indisputable as this one? We certainly don't think so. Also, will they be called "Jackin' 2K9"? Doubt it. So save the "we give this disc a 9.439859" drama for yo nerdy brother and get on the bumpin' techno, house, and disco releases that made us jack all night in '09. … Read more »

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