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Touch and Go Records: Born Free

"When I got involved doing this stuff I never imagined that, 25 years later, we'… Read more »

Pitchfork Media: Online Exposure

Ryan Schreiber claims that the worst traffic in Chicago is outside his Logan Squ… Read more »

Dante Carfagna: The Magic Funk Touch

A dimly lit bar tucked into a Chicago side street, Danny's Tavern normally draws… Read more »

DJ Funk: Pump It, Work It

Before ghetto tech and Lil' Jon and juke, there was ghetto house.… Read more »

Chocolate Industries: Kindred Rhythm

IDM kids think of Chocolate Industries as one of glitch-hop's first homes, indie… Read more »

Sonotheque: A Club That Can Boast

It doesn’t take long to realize that Joe Bryl is a seasoned veteran of the Chi… Read more »

Deeper Soul Records: New Jazz

Josh Deep has only begun to scratch the surface of all he has in store for his l… Read more »

Koncept and Meiotic: House City

Frankie Knuckles and Marshall Jefferson. Green Velvet and DJ Heather.… Read more »

Syndrome: Curing Ailing Wardrobes

I've spent more weekends than I'd like to admit aimlessly wandering city streets… Read more »

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