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Chris Tietjen Vier

Mix CDs are a complicated vehicle for music, as they can deliver a hand-picked set to a large swath of people, yet are often considered throwaways for this exact reason.… Read more »

Various Artists Cocoon Compilation I

It's easy to think of an artist like Sven Väth as just another techno veteran who's been around forever, but when it comes picking tunes, the man remains at the top of his game.… Read more »

Various Artists Panama! 2

Panama on blast! With its diverse racial make-up and unique … Read more »

Various Artists ZZK Sound, Vol.2

Over the past two years, Buenos Aires-based collective Zizek has checked a few items off the to-do list. Promoted experimental cumbia into a dance-music watchword? Check. Taken its DJs and artists to the world’s biggest clubs and festivals?… Read more »

Trentemøller Harbour Boat Trips — 01: Copenhagen

While it's hard to believe that an electronic music veteran like Anders Trentemøller could go nearly a decade without being tapped for a proper mix CD, the tracks contained on Harbour Boat Trips are perhaps even more shocking.… Read more »

Various Artists Monazite

Assembled by the folks over at the Japanese label Lantern, Monazite is a dynamite collection of house and techno tracks.… Read more »

Various Artists Freerange Records Colour Series: White 06

If this compilation sounds familiar, there’s a reason: Plenty of these tracks have been flogged on many a dancefloor over the past year. That’s good for the overall quality, but U.K.… Read more »

Konrad Black Watergate 03

A co-founder of the Wagon Repair label, Berlin-via-Vancouver techno producer Konrad Black’s sound is rooted in the patience of minimal techno, but draws on drum & bass for certain low-end sounds.… Read more »

Claude Von Stroke Fabric 46

Claude VonStroke’s Fabric 46 mix begins like a stoner session overtaken by a pair of funky, horn-infused tracks by Ekkohaus, followed immediately by some cheeky, cut-up soul on his own remix of Bootsy Collins’ "The Greasy Beat." Shifting gears, t… Read more »

Joris Voorn Balance 014

Dutch DJ/producer Joris Voorn has taken the desktop-DJ movement a few feet forward on his contribution to EQ’s Balance series, blending samples of more than 100 tracks into two techno/house mixes that often resemble reunions for lost relatives.… Read more »

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