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Decibel Festival 2013

Five Minutes with Kid Smpl at Decibel 2013

Last week, XLR8R spent a long weekend running around the rainy streets of Seattle for the 10th-annual edition of the city's Decibel Festival (our comprehensive review can be read here). Between the long list of showcases and events we attended, XLR8R took some time to catch up with a few of the festival's performers, and—seeing as how we were holed up in his hometown—we tracked down Seattle-based Kid Smpl for a few minutes, talking about his first encounter with Decibel, becoming an RBMA grad, and why his new music is moving in a more "physical" direction. … Read more »

Five Minutes with Jimmy Edgar at Decibel 2013

XLR8R had a very busy weekend in Seattle at the city's annual Decibel festival—those looking for a thorough rundown of the festivities are advised to check out our review—but amidst all the activity and quality music, we wanted to take the time to chat with a couple of our favorite artists. Jimmy Edgar is someone we've been following for a long time, and after seeing the Detroit-reared, Berlin-based artist do his thing at multiple festivals this year, we figured that we should take the opportunity to properly sit down with the man and discuss his various musical endeavors, including his JETS collaboration with Machinedrum and his recently launched Ultramajic imprint. The conversation was quick—after all, Edgar was tapped to play two sets in a single night at Decibel and didn't have much in the way of free time—but he still managed to shed some light on the origins of Ultramajic, share some his future plans for the label, and tell us how he balances his numerous projects. … Read more »

13 Reasons Why This Year's Decibel Festival Was a Success

Admittedly, XLR8R headed into the 2013 edition of Seattle's annual Decibel festival with a bit of apprehension. Although we've long supported the festival and love the idea of a forward-thinking, multi-night, club-based festival within our own borders, our Decibel experience last year was a bit of a mixed bag. It didn't help matters that although this year marked the festival's tenth installment, the 2013 line-up was not only smaller than last year's, but also appeared to be a bit lacking in "wow" artists. Nevertheless, we've been attending Decibel for a long time, so we elected to once again make the trek into the Pacific Northwest and check out the festivities, and after five days and nights in the Emerald City, we were happy to realize that our worries were essentially for naught. In short, Decibel 2013 was a real return to form, and demonstrated why the festival is one of the most exciting large-scale electronic-music events in the United States. Granted, it wasn't perfect—no festival is—but the positives outweighed the negatives to such a degree that it simply made more sense to focus on what we liked and ignore what we didn't—or at least try to. Given that, we've put together a list of 13 reasons that this year's Decibel was one to remember. … Read more »

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