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Podcast 31: Them Jeans

Los Angeles-based Jason Stewart–a.k.a.… Read more »

Podcast 30: Dubstep Goes South

São Paulo-born DJ, producer, and party king Bruno Belluomini reminds us that dubstep isn't just for the pale faced Brit… Read more »

Podcast 29: Mush Records

Mush is one of those labels that's impossible to pin into any one genre, and Antimc has proven that true once again, wit… Read more »

Podcast 28: Man Recordings

Berlin-based DJ Daniel Haaksman furnishes XLR8R with an exclusive mix of baile funk tunes from his Man Recordings imprin… Read more »

Podcast 27: Ghostly International

Producer Praveen Sharma shows off his DJ skills and excellent taste in music on XLR8R's latest exclusive mix.… Read more »

Podcast 26: Barbara Preisinger

Besides her 10-plus-year career as a DJ, Barbara Presinger has explored numerous angles of the music business, from work… Read more »

Podcast 25: Mixhell

Iggor Cavalera is recognized throughout the world as a master drummer and former member of none other than Brazilian hea… Read more »

Podcast 24: 15 Years of Thrill Jockey

Chicago's Thrill Jockey Records has long been a legend among indie labels, championing the musical careers of Adult., … Read more »

Podcast 23: Johan Agebjörn

Swedish songwriter, Sally Shapiro producer, proud father, and environmentalist Johan Agebjörn furnishes XLR8R with its … Read more »

Podcast 22: Drop The Lime

Luca "Drop the Lime" Venezia has in many ways owned the New York club circuit for a number of years.… Read more »

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