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Podcast 98: Brennan Green — Prepare to XLR8

DJ and producer Brennan Green has carved his own little niche in dance music's leftfield—between his genre-bending DJ … Read more »

Podcast 97: Brackles

Something interesting is brewing on the fringes of dubstep, and 24-year-old Rob Kemp, better known as Brackles, is righ… Read more »

Podcast 96: Traxx - Entrance to the Alter

Chicago is home to a lot of house music history, and veteran DJ/producer Traxx has long been in the middle of it all.… Read more »

Podcast 95: Awesome Tapes from Africa

While studying hip-hop in Ghana in 2004-2005, Brian Shimkovitz quickly realized that most people outside of Africa have … Read more »

Podcast 94: Shit Robot's Simply Shit Mix

Irish-born Marcus Lambkin (a.k.a.… Read more »

Podcast 93: Strange Famous Megamix 2009

With Sage Francis at the helm of the Strange Famous brand, it comes as no surprise that the label's artists—showcased … Read more »

Podcast 92: Rapping with DJ T.

We know DJ T.… Read more »

Podcast 90: Daydreaming with The Long Lost

Alfred and Laura Darlington released their first album under The Long Lost guise earlier this year, surprising the music… Read more »

Podcast 89: Buck 65 - The A to F Podcast

When asked about the name of this podcast, Richard Terfry (a.k.a.… Read more »

Podcast 87: MUTEK_10 with Michel Pontbriand

In earlier days, a MUTEK showcase commonly involved a room of pasty guys standing still while endless bleeps and blips f… Read more »

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