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Podcast 86: XLR8R Presents Kevin Saunderson

With his previously announced, two-disc remix retrospective release, History Elevate, about to drop and Detroit's annual… Read more »

Podcast 85: Kid606 - Megachurch Meltdown

Few artists can pack 47 tracks into an hour-long mix without it sounding forced and contrived.… Read more »

Podcast 82: East Bay to Back Bay

You may have surmised, from the title of this mix, that Boy in Static's contribution to the XLR8R Podcast has a little s… Read more »

Podcast 80: Meanest Man Contest's Category Killer Selection

Meanest Man Contest might be known for making hip-hop and leftfield electronic music, but when we approached the duo and… Read more »

Podcast 79: Future Perfect with The Juan MacLean

The Juan MacLean's single "Happy House" was released in 2008, thusly gearing up the dance-music world up for the releas… Read more »

Podcast 78: XLR8R Presents Circlesquare

Anyone not familiar with Berlin-based producer Klimek will be by the end of this mix.… Read more »

Podcast 76: Jahdan Blakkamoore Full Hundred Mixed by Matt Shadetek

Brooklyn-based Jahdan is a man currently smack in the center of our radar (and in the Artists to Watch section of our Ma… Read more »

Podcast 75: XLR8R Presents Sabo

NY-based DJ/producer Sabo furnishes us with the next installment of the XLR8R podcast, and for anyone who didn't think A… Read more »

Podcast 74: XLR8R Presents Shadow Dancer

The last time XLR8R ran a podcast with this many tracks, we had to present the thing in two installments for the sake of… Read more »

Podcast 73: CYNE's Hip-Hop Experience

The music of CYNE (pronounced “sign,” and standing for "cultivating your new experience”) is all about hard-hittin… Read more »

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