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Hi, Doctor Nick! - What to Do in a New City Without a Decent Music Scene and the Good Doctor Says Goodbye to His Weekly Column

Nick Hook is a machine. Over the past year, the man has always found the time to answer our readers' questions, even when he's been traveling the globe, stuck in the studio, or overloaded with DJ gigs. Obviously, this reliability factored in when we brought Nick Hook aboard to be our resident advice columnist, but what's really important is that he's got so damn much knowledge rolling around inside his head. DJing. Production. Gear. Travel. Collaboration. Writer's Block. When someone has a question, Doctor Nick has an answer. Need proof? Send him a query at doctornick@xlr8r.com. He just might solve your problems. Whoa. Do you realize that we've been doing this shit for a year now? I can't believe it. 10 years ago yesterday, I jumped on a plane to start a joke band with my homies during a week off from my shitty job. I ended up moving to New York six months later and I haven't left. Thinking about all that, it's pretty fucking wild. … Read more »

Hi, Doctor Nick! - How to Get the Creative Flow Going and the Importance of Being on Time

It's hard to imagine anyone having negative feelings about Nick Hook. Not only is the guy brimming with positive energy, he also knows a whole lot about the music industry after years spent making music, touring with bands, DJing around the world, and producing records. Even better, he's willing to share his knowledge, which is why we've enlisted him to stop by every Thursday morning and field questions from our readers. Want to get some answers from our resident advice columnist and street shaman? Drop him a line at doctornick@xlr8r.com. What's up y'all? I'm coming live and direct from LA. I've been having a good time here. I got some good sidework in with the gods of all gods, Salva and Thee Mike B. I've also been eating at my favorite Japanese restaurant in the universe, Daichan, and I had an amazing time playing music at The Do-Over. Life is okay. … Read more »

Hi, Doctor Nick! - The Secret to Finishing an Album (or Any Big Project) When It's Almost Done

Another week, another dose of knowledge from Nick Hook. Every Thursday morning, our resident street shaman stops in to answer readers' questions about music, gear, DJing, travel, production, the creative process, and more. The guy has seen and done just about everything there is to see and do in the music world, so he's got wisdom for days. Want to find out just how much? Drop him a line at doctornick@xlr8r.com and let Doctor Nick get to work. … Read more »

Hi, Doctor Nick! - Is Touring Hell? The Highs and Lows of Life on the Road

At this point, we'd like to think that just about any regular reader of XLR8R is familiar with Nick Hook. Every week, the good doctor—who, of course, is not actually a doctor—stops by to answer questions about music, gear, DJing, travel, production methods, and more. Basically, if someone has a question about life in the music world, he's ready to answer it. Send queries to doctornick@xlr8r.com and bask in his knowledge. (Minor programming note: the column usually appears on Thursday mornings, but Dr. Nick encountered a few detours in the Deep South this week, so he's popping in one day behind schedule. We'll be back to normal next week.) Yooo. I'm in Atlanta. I love it here. Shout out to Treasure Fingers, Distal, SL Jones, Scotty ATL, and the illest vegan restaurant in the world, Soul Vegetarian No. 2. … Read more »

Hi, Doctor Nick! - The Importance of Money and Whether or Not the iPad Is Just a Toy

Don't take Nick Hook for granted. There are plenty of DJs and producers we know who can hardly get out of bed every morning, but Doctor Nick is different. The man is a hustler, someone who's constantly moving between the studio, the club, and the airport (inevitably to hit a studio or club in another part of the world). Somehow, amongst all the craziness that is his life, the good doctor also finds the time to stop by XLR8R on Thursday mornings and answer readers' questions about music, production, DJing, gear, life, love, travel, romance, and more. Nick Hook has got the knowledge and he's happy to share it. You just have to ask him. Hit him up at doctornick@xlr8r.com. Yooooo. Sup? I can't remember what i wrote about last week, but I'm still making the world's longest rap song. I'm headed down to Atlanta next week and playing on the 21st with Treasure Fingers. I'm looking forward to it. … Read more »

Hi, Doctor Nick! - Cracking the Club Scene When You're Underage and the Right Way to Get Proactive with Your Demos

It's a safe bet that most people reading XLR8R are serious music fans, but we also know that a sizable portion of our audience consists of aspiring artists—guys and girls who are toiling away in their bedrooms and spinning records or piecing together beats of their own. That said, there's more to being an artist these days than just making hot tunes. The music world is a complicated place, and there aren't many folks out there who are willing to lend newbies a hand and answer some simple questions about how the game works. That's why someone like Nick Hook is so damn valuable. Every Thursday, he pops in here to shed a little light on the murky topics that our readers want to know about. He's down to help, whether the questions are about music, gear, production, DJing, travel, romance, food, or anything else. Drop him a line at doctornick@xlr8r.com and you just might learn something. Yo. Hi. I'm in a coffee shop. I've been eight million places and my crib is a mess. I also started a new project today. … Read more »

Hi, Doctor Nick! - Quick Tips for Tougher Drums and "How Old Is Too Old?" When It Comes to Making Music

It's too bad that Nick Hook can't earn some extra frequent flyer miles or something for doling out advice while he's on the road, because the guy is constantly hopping around the globe. Still, no matter where he is, our favorite street shaman—and resident advice columnist—manages to string together a few pearls of wisdom for our readers every Thursday morning. Doctor Nick has seen the world (or at least a sizable chunk of it) and has picked up plenty of knowledge along the way. Best of all, he wants to share it with the world. Drop him a line at doctornick@xlr8r.com, and he'll do the rest. Yooo... I'm back on my crazy travel grind. New Zealand was incredible. I got to hang with Serato for a week and kinda got to see where the future of DJing is going while I was actually in the future (New Zealand). Dudes are really onto some innovative shit and I feel really honored and blessed that I get to be a part of these things. … Read more »

Doctor Nick - Can a Relationship with a DJ Actually Work?

Nick Hook likes to encourage people to "get open," and he's not afraid to take his own advice. Every Thursday morning, he pops in here at XLR8R and bares a bit of his soul for our readers—not in a "Dear Diary" way, but just in the sense that he's willing to tap into his wealth of life experience and share his thoughts and opinions with anyone who writes in, has a question, and needs some help. The topic doesn't matter—music, DJing, gear, production, travel, romance, food, and more are all on the table—because the good doctor has plenty of wisdom and is going to give an honest answer regardless. Hit him up at doctornick@xlr8r.com. Hi. I'm in New Zealand. Can't stop won't stop. Finally, I'm not hot as fuck. It's winter here, but that really means fall. I deleted my Facebook this week. I feel like God just freed me. … Read more »

Hi, Doctor Nick! - The Importance of Setting Goals and the Doctor Gets Some Things Off His Chest

Nick Hook isn't technically a doctor, but the guy definitely has enough wisdom rolling around in his brain to fill a book or two. Every Thursday, our resident advice columnist pops in to answer readers' questions about music, production, touring, gear, DJing, travel, romance, and, well, just about anything they need to know. Want to get in on all the knowledge the good doctor has to offer? Drop him a line at doctornick@xlr8r.com and let the street shaman make your life better. Ayeee. I hope everyone's well. I'm still hot as fugg. It's like a million degrees here in NYC. … Read more »

Hi, Doctor Nick! - Making the Move to Berlin and Whether or Not Posting Tunes Online Is a Good Idea

Last week, we gave our resident advice columnist the week off for Independence Day, but now, we've got Nick Hook back in the mix and he's ready to dole out some knowledge. The good doctor is here every Thursday, answering our readers' questions about music, production, gear, DJing, travel, life, love, and just about anything else they need to know about. Doctor Nick has seen the world and has done a whole lot of living, so he's got wisdom to share. Tap into it by dropping him a line at doctornick@xlr8r.com. Hi. I'm back in Brooklyn, dripping sweat. Taking a week off was crazy. It feels like it's been a while. Apologies if I'm rusty. … Read more »

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