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Hi, Doctor Nick! - The Doctor Is Out

This is normally the place where we sing the praises of Nick Hook and talk about… Read more »

Hi, Doctor Nick! - Choosing Between Music and a Job and the Struggle to Build Something in a Place That's Behind the Times

It's Thursday morning, which means it's time for Nick Hook to do his thing on XLR8R. At this point, the good doctor is quite possibly the world's greatest street shaman, a jack-of-all-trades whose knowledge runs deep, whether he's discussing music, production, DJing, travel, life, love, romance, or just his favorite synthesizer. We're quite serious when we say that the man is an invaluable resource, which is why we highly encourage readers to take advantage and send questions to doctornick@xlr8r.com. The good doctor is here to help. Hi. I'm coming live and direct from NYC. To be exact, I'm in my studio, in my underpants—just like I like it. This week is incredibly special for me cuz the Run the Jewels record that El-P and Killer Mike did came out. It's free on Fool's Gold, the product of talented people making honest music and giving it away without a corporation or anything. So hopefully you dig it, or at least try it. I think it's an amazing record and I had the best time being a part of it. Get it here. … Read more »

Hi, Doctor Nick! - The Doctor Recommends More Bits of Gear and Discusses Whether DJ Schools Are Worth It

We've said it before, but there really is no stopping Nick Hook. Whether he's fresh off a long overseas flight or in the midst of whatever other craziness his daily life entails, our resident advice columnist finds the time each week to answer our readers' questions and dole out some knowledge. There's no topic that's out of bounds, whether it's music, DJing, gear, travel, romance, production, or any other thing the XLR8R faithful needs to know about. So drop the good doctor a line at doctornick@xlr8r.com and watch the knowledge flow. Ayeeee. It's like 1:20 a.m on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. I'm riled up from the basketball game, but also it feels like 7 a.m. cuz I just got back from Sónar. Hopefully I can sleep tonight. … Read more »

Hi, Doctor Nick! - How to Manage Your Time and What to Do When Your Music Never Goes "Pop"

Nick Hook does a little bit of everything. That's not why we love him—his ongoing status as "best dude ever" is reason enough—but it is why we made him our resident advice columnist. The guy knows about DJing, production, playing live, buying gear, traveling the world, and living life to the fullest—on a budget. Every Thursday morning, he answers questions from our readers, so hit him up at doctornick@xlr8r.com. He's here to help. It's literally what we pay him for. Hi. I hope everyone is doing well. I just wanted to start this column by saying thank you to everyone for reading, writing questions, and coming up to me IRL. I am humbled by that. I really can't believe I'm writing a column from Spain. Before music, I hadn't even left America. It's trippy... and awesome. … Read more »

Hi, Doctor Nick! - Moving to a New City for Music and How to Enter a New Scene

The 2013 edition of Red Bull Music Academy may be over, but there are still plenty of resources out there for those looking to glean some knowledge about the music industry. Here at XLR8R, we've got Nick Hook. Our resident advice columnist and all-knowing street shaman is here year-round, popping in every Thursday morning to share his wisdom about music, gear, production, travel, DJing, touring, romance, and whatever else our readers need assistance with. The good doctor is just an email away, so hit him up at doctornick@xlr8r.com and let the learning commence. … Read more »

Hi, Doctor Nick! - The Right Time to Get a Booking Agent and the Importance of Doing What You Believe In

Nick Hook has the knowledge. More importantly, he's willing to share it. Our resident doctor (not really) and street shaman pops in every Thursday morning to field readers' questions about life, love, music, production, touring, DJing, equipment, and... that's just a partial list. The good doctor is here to help and can be reached at doctornick@xlr8r.com. Tap into his brain—it's stuffed with useful tidbits of information. Hi. I'm eating veggie dumplings from Prosperity Dumpling. I just got back from Movement in Detroit. I had a great time and saw awesome sets from Benjamin Damage, Cajmere, George FitzGerald, Brodinski, Samo Sound Boy, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, and Azari & III. Shouts to Chuck and the Paxahau crew for really throwing a special festival and all the people that I had fun with. Extra props to Red Bull Music Academy. I can say I'm gonna miss everyone when they leave NYC in the next few days. It's been an incredible month. I've also still kinda been processing how much I enjoyed Spinn and Rashad's set at Santos last week. … Read more »

Hi, Doctor Nick! - The Necessary Evil of Self-Promotion and the Secret to Making Beats Without an MC

Nick Hook is a talented dude. The guy can make beats, play instruments, record rappers, and that's just a partial list. But he's also smart enough to know that no matter how talented someone is, they're going to need some help along the way. That's probably why he's agreed to sit down and answer our readers' questions each and every Thursday morning. He's got knowledge to share—people simply have to have ask. Hit him up at doctornick@xlr8r.com. Yo. Hi. I think I'm dying. I've been up till 10 a.m. the last few days, and now its 4 a.m. and I gotta finish this column before I'm back at it again. … Read more »

Hi, Doctor Nick! - Tips for Working with Vocalists and the Audience Adds to Some of the Doctor's Past Advice

We're not ashamed to say it. We love Nick Hook. And not just because he's funny or cool or knows lots of rad DJs and producers (although all those things are true). It's because he genuinely wants to help. He's been around the music game for a while, has picked up a lot of wisdom along the way, and is truly happy to pass along the knowledge he's accumulated. That's certainly what happens here every Thursday morning, when the good doctor answers questions from our readers about music, DJing, travel, production, gear, romance, and more. Hit him up doctornick@xlr8r.com. He just might help you too. Hey y'all. Hope all is well. It's hard to believe that May is already halfway over. I've been hiding out since Term One of RBMA ended. I'm just trying to learn some new stuff over here. … Read more »

Hi, Doctor Nick! - A Doctor's Guide to Buying Your First Bits of Analog Gear

Nick Hook is here to help. More specifically, he's here to answer our readers' questions. Regardless of where he is in the world, regardless of the topic, regardless of what projects he's working on, our resident advice columnist takes time out every week to field inquiries from people in search of his knowledge about music, DJing, production, travel, gear, and more. Got a question? Send it to doctornick@xlr8r.com. As we've said, the good doctor is here to help. Aiiiiiite. First off, I almost completely forgot to write this column, but our favorite superheroine Jubilee reminded me that we are working together to keep music journalism thriving. … Read more »

Hi, Doctor Nick! - Air Miles, Saving Money on Coffee, and Letting Your Demo Find Its Way to the Right People

Nick Hook's time is valuable. Our resident advice columnist is a busy dude, someone who's constantly in the studio, DJing parties, making beats, or hopping on a plane for something—that's why he's got so much knowledge rolling around in his head. Doctor Nick can talk music, gear, DJing, romance, fashion, travel, and more. Here's the thing though—you have to ask him questions. Hit him up at doctornick@xlr8r.com. Admittedly, this week's crop of inquiries was admittedly subpar, but even that didn't stop the good doctor—he just skipped the questions entirely and let the wisdom flow. Yooooo. It's 1 a.m. My editor Shawn is gonna kill me. The questions were really bad this week so I gotta make some stuff up. Can you guys please send me questions? doctornick@xlr8r.com. It would suck to get fired. … Read more »

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