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Hi, Doctor Nick! - Sampling Techniques and How to Throw a Cool Party in a Smaller City

It may be Thanksgiving here in the United States, but it's also Thursday, and there are no holidays for XLR8R's resident wise man, Nick Hook. After all, with so many readers undoubtedly stuck at home with their families over the next few days, it's hard to think of a more appropriate time for the good doctor to be doling out his unique brand of advice. If you need help from Doctor Nick, drop him a line at doctornick@xlr8r.com. Otherwise, read on and see what he has to say this week. Hi. Happy holidays y'all. I'm thankful to be here, thankful that people give a fuck, thankful that I have amazing friends, and thankful that we get to do what we do—every day. So, thank you, really, from the bottom of my heart. I feel so lucky. I was walking down the street and Vince Vaughn looked me in the eye the other day. It was weird. … Read more »

Hi, Doctor Nick! - Getting Inspired and What to Do When Your Man Asks About His Music

Every Thursday, XLR8R's resident guru, Nick Hook, puts on his doctor's coat and answers readers' questions about life, love, music, travel, gear, production, and whatever else people need help with. Doctor Nick has the knowledge—we're just here to help him share it with the world. Hi. I'm back in New York. Last week, I almost called in sick as Doctor Hook, but it ended up being the most-read column yet. I'm glad everyone is feeling this. It's fun. I just drank like 23 cups of coffee. By the way, last time I forgot the golden rule of guestlist etiquette: IF WE PUT YOU ON THE LIST AND YOU DON'T SHOW UP, YOU ARE WACK FOREVER. Shout out to the Knicks. 5-0. Shout out to the new Deftones album. Shout out to my new apartment. Keep the questions coming, and send music and shit—all of it. doctornick@xlr8r.com … Read more »

Hi, Doctor Nick! - Finding the Creative Spark and Guestlist Etiquette

There's no stopping Doctor Nick. The man is in the midst of a European tour, but Nick Hook has still set aside the time to some drop knowledge for his weekly advice column here on XLR8R. The good doctor's knowledge runs the gamut, as he can wax poetic about music, travel, production, DJing, and a whole lot more, so keep those questions coming to doctornick@xlr8r.com. We'll let Nick take it from here. Hello from Paris. Plzzzz send in more questions. Tell everyone! Anyways, I had to slap this dude in the face in Vienna while I was DJing because he came at my face while I was playing "Fall in Love" by Slum Village. I warned him not to talk shit, but he kept going. So I would like to start off this week's column by advising you to have respect when going to voice your opinion to a DJ. We wouldn't come to your job and tell you how to do it. Just leave, or go chill with the other 99% that seems to be having the time of their life. … Read more »

Hi, Doctor Nick! - The Trouble with Aliases and How to Dig Yourself Out of a Music-Making Rut

There are plenty of guys who like to playfully refer to themselves as "Renaissance Men," but it's hard to imagine someone whose qualifications for the title stack up to those of Nick Hook. (For the record, Nick would NEVER refer to himself as a "Renaissance Man.") Seriously, the guy travels the world, makes tunes, collaborates with artists from across the musical spectrum, and flat-out lives life. That's why we started calling him Doctor Nick and asked him to start sharing his knowledge with the world via a weekly advice column here on XLR8R. He may not be a real doctor, but he's more than capable of helping people, which is why folks should feel free to send him questions at doctornick@xlr8r.com. This week, Doctor Nick tackles the wisdom of musical aliases and advises a young producer about how to deal with a tough case of writer's block. … Read more »

Hi, Doctor Nick! - Holding Down a Job, Promoting Your Music the Right Way, and Weird Hip-Hop

Simply put, Nick Hook is the man. Every Thursday, he drops all sorts of knowledge on the XLR8R massive, answering questions about music, production, gear, travel, fashion, romance, and living life. (Those looking for assistance are welcome to send a query his way at doctornick@xlr8r.com.) This time around, he's tackling the precarious balance between music and work, how artists can most effectively promote their music, and explaining why people with eccentric tastes (usually) have nothing to worry about. … Read more »

Hi, Doctor Nick! - Headphones, Analog Synths, and Building a Fanbase

It's been less than two months since Nick Hook officially joined the XLR8R team, yet his Thursday advice column already feels like a well-established part of the site's weekly repertoire. Hook may not be an actual doctor, but he's got plenty of wisdom to share—about music, travel, production, DJing, romance, gear, and just about everything else. Week in and week out, throngs of readers write in to doctornick@xlr8r.com in hopes that the good doctor will kick down some knowledge to them. If you have a question of your own, don't be shy—just send it in. Otherwise, read on and see Doctor Nick's thoughts on building a fanbase, analog synths, and headphones. … Read more »

Hi, Doctor Nick! - Finishing Your Tracks and the Evolving Role of the Producer

It's Thursday, which means it's time again for everyone's favorite globe-trotting guru, Nick Hook, to do his thing and pluck a few nuggets of wisdom from his psyche for the benefit of the XLR8R massive. By now, just about everyone knows that Doctor Nick isn't an actual doctor, but the man sure does keep busy. Just a few days ago, he dropped a free EP, and even though he's been on his grind spreading the world, he still found the time to answer a couple of questions. Read on, and see his thoughts on how best to finish tracks and the role of the producer in 2012. And of course, those with questions of their own should always feel free to drop him a line at doctornick@xlr8r.com. … Read more »

Hi, Doctor Nick! - Start Making Tunes and Stop Getting Lost in the Party Scene

Nick Hook may not be an actual doctor, but even after only a month at the helm of the weekly Hi, Doctor Nick!, it's clear that the man is helping people. Every Thursday morning, he reaches into his brain and extracts useful information to advise the XLR8R faithful, and no topic is off limits; life, love, music, production, touring, travel, gear, food—it's all on the table. If you have an inquiry of your own, don't hesitate to drop Doctor Nick a line at doctornick@xlr8r.com, and perhaps he'll help you in a future edition of the column. As for this week, he's offering his thoughts on two very different aspects of the game: how to start making music, and how to avoid getting lost in the party scene. … Read more »

Hi, Doctor Nick! - Balancing Work with Music, Playing the PR Game, and Vinyl vs. Laptop DJs

Thursday morning has arrived, which means it's time again to welcome Dr. Nick Hook back to the front page of XLR8R. Even if he's not actually a doctor, his wealth of wisdom has already helped numerous readers with their burning questions about life, music, romance, travel, production, and more. If you have an inquiry of your own, don't hesitate to mail it in to doctornick@xlr8r.com, and perhaps Doctor Nick will help you in a future edition of his weekly advice column. In the meantime though, continue reading to find out his thoughts on keeping the creative fires burning while holding down a job, the vinyl vs. laptop DJ debate, and how best to play the PR game. … Read more »

Hi, Doctor Nick! - Finding True Love and Making Music Without Going Broke

It's time again for another dose of street knowledge, courtesy of XLR8R's good doctor, Mr. Nick Hook. Nevermind that's he's not actually a doctor—the man has a seemingly endless well of knowledge about life, music, romance, travel, production, and more. Even better, he's willing to share it with the world, so feel free to drop him a line if there's a question itching at your soul. Otherwise, read on and see what Doctor Nick has to say this week, when he takes on the search for true love and how best to balance the desire to make music and the need to make money. … Read more »

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