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Hi, Doctor Nick! - Girls in the Music Game, Breakfast Burritos, and the Right Gear for Performing Live

Last week, we debuted Hi, Doctor Nick!, our new weekly advice column piloted by NYC badman and life guru Nick Hook. As he'll be doing every Thursday, he's once again gathered up some wisdom and answered another batch of reader questions. This week, see what he has to say about girls in the music industry, the right gear to perform electronic music live, and breakfast burritos. … Read more »

Hi, Doctor Nick! - Eating Oysters and Choosing a Favorite Classic Drum Machine

A few weeks back, we introduced Nick Hook as XLR8R's new advice columnist. Since then, we've been busy touting his various attributes and vouching for his knowledge of music, DJing, travel, production, fashion, gear, romance, and, well, just about everything. Now, it's time for Doctor Nick to prove his worth and answer some real-life questions from our readers. Keep in mind, the guy isn't actually a doctor, but this first column proves that he's more than capable of doing the job, which is why he'll be appearing here on XLR8R each and every Thursday. On the debut run of Hi, Doctor Nick!, Hook nimbly tackles his own career, oysters, and classic drum machines. Even better, he also has a present for his readers. … Read more »


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