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Future Jazz / Soul

Various Don’t Stop: Recording Tap

Numero Group’s latest finding is from New York’s forgotten Tap label.… Read more »


Jamie Lidell Jim

It was moving, but the music on Jamie Lidell’s Multiply was mostlya platform for his oversized voice and charisma. Who else can make wearing suits lined with mirrors–a human disco ball–look not only effortless but somehow appropriate?… Read more »

Various Nicola Conte Presents Viagem

It’s hard to overstate the importance of music to Brazilian life and culture, including plenty of indigenous genres that haven’t traveled to the larger world much (axé, forró, etc).… Read more »

Al Kent Presents the Million Dollar Orchestra Better Days

Scottish disco junkie Al Kent can sucker you into believing that his orchestra’s tracks were salvaged from finger-smudged records found at a retired DJ’s rummage sale.… Read more »

Tommy Guerrero Return of the Bastard

I don’t know anything about Tommy G’s parentage, but the title of the S.F.… Read more »


Various Ten Years, Who Cares?

When Sonar Kollektiv first opened its doors in the late ’90s, acid jazz was already fading into something more commercial.… Read more »

Eric Lau New Territories

All the tags for the music that Londoner Eric Lau makes sound contrived: future funk, nu-soul, beat-head jazz–none of these really captures Lau’s confident, cool essence.… Read more »

Various Maiden Voyage: A Journey into the World of Soul and Boogie

Any party that lasts 15 years in Munich must be doing something right–and the Maiden Voyage night, which has changed venues several times since its 1993 inauguration, does plenty right: The excellent trio that helms the night’s focuses on soul, b… Read more »

Benny Sings Benny… at Home

Tim “Benny Sings” van Berkestijn is a Dutchman who might envision himself as the Netherlands’ next-gen Stevie Wonder, albeit for the commercial age.… Read more »

Various Achtung! German Grooves

It’s hard to imagine that the culture that brought you expressionism could really get funky.… Read more »

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