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Various Artists Soft & Suave: Relax Session

With so many chill compilations, picking a soundtrack for relaxation is almost more frustration than worth.… Read more »

Swell Session vs. Ernesto Let Me Decide

Don't overlook this collaboration between Swedish producer Andreas Saag (Swell Session) and vocalist Jonatan Bäckelie (Ernesto's) amid the flood of piss-poor white labels that will rain down on Miami's Winter Music Conference.… Read more »

Super Numrei Great Aviaries

Super Numeri follows in the line of Funki Porcini and Neotropic-brilliant Ninja Tune groups that likely will remain under the radar because people just won't get it.… Read more »

Various Artists Copehagen Dancefloor Classics II

Think of the dancefloors of the rare groove scene of the '80s, with dancers strutting to the finest of jazz, funk and Latin tunes, and you'll have a good idea where compilers DJ Wunderbaum and Master Fatman are coming from.… Read more »

N.E.R.D. Provider (Zero 7 Mix)

As Zero 7 did with the never-released remix of Mos Def's "Ummah Says," they now offer this sublime acoustic arrangement with beautiful strings. An instant classic. Read more »

Bobby Hughes Combination Nhu Golden Era

Nhu Golden Era, the second album by Norwegian producer Espen Horne, feels like a warm, smooth lounge record for the modern cocktail-swilling groovemeister. God knows the world doesn't need yet another "lounge" record (a.k.a.… Read more »

Cassandra Wilson Vodou EP

Two slabs, five tunes and a real revelation, as producer Joe Claussel hands in some serious African jams.… Read more »

Nylon Pylon Pushin' (Playgroup RMX)

Just proving again the striking production skills of Trevor Jackson-shame his album didn't get the attention it deserved. Top-class mix. Read more »

Spacek Motion Control

In advance of their devastating new album, Steve Spacek and Co. put aside that "Radiohead of soul" nonsense and get down to some tasty Timbaland-meets-Terrence Trent D'arby mess right here.… Read more »

Razed High Let Me Walk You Home

The Insiduous label launches its seven-inch series with two moody beat cuts by producers Haiy-Ding and 4x-Ampl.… Read more »

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