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Sunny Levine Love Rhino

The "love" part of this album's title is obvious, but the "rhino" might need some explanation.… Read more »

Ursula 1000 Undressed… Remixed

Naturally, ESL has favored the sounds of its label heads, the Thievery Corporation boys, and their chic, cosmopolitan lounge leanings–a sound that Ursula 1000 (a.k.a. N.Y.-based Alex Gimeno) has embraced, though with a more playful edge.… Read more »


Steve Reid Ensemble Daxaar

Master drummer Steve Reid recorded his latest foray into experimental modern jazz in Senegal’s capital city, whose life-teeming rhythms ultimately resulted in an extremely inspired effort.… Read more »

Box Studio 1

The quartet that makes up the avant-garde jazz outfit Box met for two days of recording in Stockholm with no music prepared beforehand, a recipe that could lead to brilliance or disaster… or something in between.… Read more »

The Crystal Pharoah Blaxploration

A continuously mixed, 36-track trolling through the oceans of Blaxploitation ephemera, Blaxploration finds NYC producer/DJ The Crystal Pharoah in full-on crate-digging-geek reverie.… Read more »

Connie Price and the Keystones Tell Me Something

With its sophomore effort, L.A.’s Connie Price and the Keystones have become the latest funk/soul act to enlist MCs to compliment its sound.… Read more »

Cymande Promised Heights

Early ’70s U.K.-by-way-of-West Indies outfit Cymande mixed jazz, soul, calypso, reggae, and funk like no one before them; it’s no exaggeration to say they were years, if not decades, ahead of their time.… Read more »

Bill Dixon with Exploding Star Orchestra

Free jazz performers rely on unspoken … Read more »

Donna Regina More

You’d be forgiven for thinking, what with this album’s title, that you’re in for non-stop dancefloor bangers. You’d be so wrong.… Read more »

Van Hunt Popular

Neo-soul isn’t exactly the newest flavor du jour. Still, singer-songwriter Van Hunt soldiers on with an album of stripped-down, guitar-based, intimate funk confessionals reminiscent of both early Prince and Lenny Kravitz at his most brooding.… Read more »

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