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Garden Festival 2013

Five Minutes with Metro Area at The Garden Festival 2013

Earlier this year, much-loved NYC outfit Metro Area announced that it would be reforming for a series of live shows, a few of which we've been lucky enough to catch in recent months. Last weekend, XLR8R had another chance to check out the duo of Morgan Geist and Darshan Jesrani at The Garden Festival in Croatia. As we detailed in our review, Metro Area's performance was quite good, and after the show, the veteran pair sat down with us for a quick interview. During our brief—but rather candid—conversation, Geist and Jesrani divulged some their reasons for reforming Metro Area, shared some details about their current European tour, and offered some opinions about the current state of the New York scene. … Read more »

11 Things We'll Remember About The Garden Festival 2013

Last week, XLR8R made a trip to the coast of Croatia, specifically the relaxed seaside village of Tisno. While there, we soaked up some sun, hung out on the beach, hopped on some boats, ate some seafood, made some new friends, and, oh yes, went to The Garden Festival. It may seem odd that the festival, which featured scores of DJs and live acts, wouldn't get top billing during our recounting of the long weekend, but that was the whole idea of Garden—the music was more of a backdrop than an all-out spectacle. Amazingly, this year's festival hasn't even ended yet, as it's scheduled to wrap up on Wednesday night. We may not have been able to stay for the entire affair, but after four days and nights, a few things certainly stuck out in our memory, which we've detailed in an effort to share a bit of the Garden experience. … Read more »

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