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Nocando "Hurry Up and Wait"

LA's Nocando brings some slo-mo heat with the first single from Jimmy the Lock, … Read more »

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In the Studio: Trackademicks

The Oakland-based rapper-producer schools us on his post-hyphy synth-hop. … Read more »

The Streets: Coming Clean

Sitting across from me-barefoot, in an Agn├Ęs B suit jacket and diamond pinky ri… Read more »

Shadowhuntaz: Deadly Effects

The Parabuthus transvaalicus, responsible for five percent of all deaths in Nort… Read more »

E-40: Tell Me When to Blow

When I finally catch up with E-40 after two weeks of phone tag, rescheduled appo… Read more »

Aloe Blacc: Soothe and Cool

Aloe Blacc, the MC/vocalist legally known as Nathaniel Dawkins, has had a musici… Read more »

Ricochet Klashnekoff: Raw Rap

Ricochet Klashnekoff is a renegade London rapper 'mans' would follow into battle… Read more »

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