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A Day in the Life of DaVinci

For this episode of XLR8R TV, San Francisco rapper DaVinci took one of our cam… Read more »

Dutty Artz, Dutty Future

DJ /Rupture and Matt Shadetek's Dutty Artz label, blog and parties are indisputa… Read more »

Paul Devro, the Pride of Port Alberni

We tested the Mad Decent DJ's Canadian pop cred—and we got schooled. … Read more »

Tune in an Afternoon: Dam-Funk and Nite Jewel

Two distinct LA flavors that taste great together! A few weeks back when we were sitting around fantasizing who in Los Angeles we'd want to collaborate for our recurring series, Tune in an Afternoon, we pretty quickly came up with Dam-Funk and Nite Jewel. When we contacted them, it turned out they were fans of each other and had been looking for an excuse to collaborate. It was decided that Nite Jewel would produce and that their favorite store, LA's Future Music, would serve as the afternoon's launching pad. From there, things just got creepy. Be sure to download their song, "Am I Gonna Make It," here. … Read more »

Freestyle 101 with Doseone and Jel

We sit in as Anticon's Doseone teaches his weekly freestyle class with some help from bandmate Jel. Veteran freestyler Doseone has plenty of wisdom to dole out on cyphers, crutches, "getting open," and the world beyond Lil Wayne, but as we observed, the schooling is hardly one way. Dose, Jel, and fellow instructor Kev seem to be getting just as much from this circle of budding Oakland MCs (aged 12-18) as they're giving out. Be sure to watch out for 13-year-old Tyrone—he spits fire! … Read more »

Anti-Pop Consortium Turn It Back On

Lyrical gymnasts Anti-Pop Consortium return to the studio after a six-year hiatus. After releasing an album on Warp and touring with Radiohead, the boundary-pushing Anti-Pop Consortium broke up in 2003. Six years and various solo projects later, they reunited and returned to the studio to record a new album, Fluorescent Black. Here, Chicago-based filmmaker Joey Garfield gets an intimate look at Beans, High Priest, M. Sayyid and Earl Blaize as they get used to each other again after all these years. … Read more »

The Very Best Gives Up the Goods

Radioclit and singer Esau Mwamwaya ready their debut album for a very hungry aud… Read more »

DJ Vadim Improves the Formula

After beating cancer, the Russian-born, London-bred producer is a track-releasin… Read more »

Tune In An Afternoon: Jel and Odd Nosdam

Two producers. Forty bucks. One junk store. One afternoon. One killer track. … Read more »

Portland Peeps: E*Rock

E*Rock is not only a producer of freaked out computer sounds, he also runs two l… Read more »

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