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DOOM Unexpected Guests

There’s only one thing better than a new DOOM album—a collection of supervillainous collabs.… Read more »

Themselves CrownsDown

A decade after two young Oakland transplants came together as Themselves, the now-seasoned artists, MC Doseone and producer Jel, have returned from their many projects to reinvigorate the seminal collaboration.… Read more »

Anti-Pop Consortium Fluorescent Black

New York’s edgy hip-hop collective reunites to try for more minimal, Bladerunner-with-beats rap futurism. … Read more »

Brother Ali Us

If there were any justice in this world, Brother Ali would be a solid contender for the title greatest rapper alive.… Read more »

Crown City Rockers The Day After Forever

There’s one major problem with Crown City Rockers’ The Day After Forever—it should have dropped at the beginning of summer.… Read more »

Keaver & Brause The Middle Way

Sample-based albums are nothing new, but the U.K.’s Keaver & Brause go above and beyond—off-kilter timing, record pops, loop stops, and sound clipping are littered throughout the surprisingly smooth future-hop of their debut album, The Middle Way… Read more »

ApSci Best Crisis Ever

Let’s just get this out of the way now: Dana Diaz-Tutaan’s breathy, sinuous, and fierce voice is easily the best thing about Bronx duo ApSci’s second album, Best Crisis Ever.… Read more »

Koushik Tell Me What You See

It's a strange, though novel, idea to release albums of independent production music. The genre, also referred to as "library music," is meant as a royalty-free resource for use by radio and other media outlets.… Read more »

The Alchemist Chemical Warfare

On his latest project, Chemical Warfare, producer/MC The Alchemist is rolling with bigger names than ever, but working with platinum acts like Eminem and Three Six Mafia doesn't spark anything especially inspiring.… Read more »

Eyedea and Abilities By the Throat

Heavy guitars, frenetic scratching, and some God-awful singing pervade Eyedea and Abilities’ By the Throat, the Minnesota duo’s third LP and first in five years. As with most rap/rock Frankensteins, it ain’t always pretty.… Read more »

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