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Amanda Blank I Love You

Though not quite raunchy enough to make Lil’ Kim blush, Amanda Blank’s unhinged lyrics and club-ready production (via Diplo, Switch, and XXXChange) on her debut, I Love You, makes for the perfect pre-sex party.… Read more »

James Pants All the Hits

While any entrepreneur will tell you that all you need to start a successful business is a good idea, the same can't be said in the music world.… Read more »

Cage Depart From Me

Depart From Me is a bold step for Cage, considering 2005’s Hell’s Winter turned some long-time fans sour after abandoning his drug-addled shock rap for sober and intense introspection.… Read more »

DJ Vadim U Can't Lurn Imaginashun

U.K. breaks master and recent cancer survivor Vadim Peare is still at the top of his game on Imaginashun.… Read more »

O'Neal McKnight The Pre-Prom Mixtape

While it’s unclear whether L.A. stylist-turned-rapper O’Neal McKnight ever made it to his high school prom, he’s making up for any missed opportunities with an album that altogether embraces the concept.… Read more »

Serengeti & Polyphonic Terradactyl

On paper, the marriage of talented leftfield hip-hoppers Serengeti & Polyphonic seems like a match made in heaven.… Read more »

The Jacka Tear Gas

Boasting enough 'hood credentials to make studio gangstas wear Depends, Jacka wields the Bay’s turf-rap torch stronger than anyone right now.… Read more »

Bike For Three! More Heart Than Brains

By most hip-hop labels' standards, this would be an adventurous album—but this is Anticon, where boundary pushing is the norm. Bike for Three!… Read more »

Busdriver Jhelli Beam

Though he may be a rapper, most hip-hop fans probably hate Busdriver.… Read more »

Prefuse 73 Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian

In the lightning-quick world of music, it’s easy to forget about an artist like Guillermo Scott Herren (a.k.a. Prefuse 73).… Read more »

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