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Tanya Morgan Brooklynati

Tanya Morgan makes regular-ass rap music, but they do it exceptionally well. The second studio LP from this trio of (male) MCs, Brooklynati brings forth timeless beats and rhymes à la Native Tongues.… Read more »

Sunspot Jonz Fight-Destroy-Rock/The Darkside Ov Heaven

As a producer, Sunspot Jonz’s beats are always on point. As an MC, he’s a hype man at best.… Read more »

Abstract Rude Rejuvenation

Most artists would love to retire with Abstract Rude's resume: Good Life, Project Blowed, Freestyle Fellowship, radical solo artist and bandleader, respected guest and influence in the L.A. underground scene and beyond.… Read more »

Ras G Brotha From Another Planet

After one listen to this sonic opus, it becomes apparent that Ras G is part of a brazen new group of pioneers in hip-hop sound architecture.… Read more »

Xrabit + DMG$ Hello World

Finally, a hip-hop album that owes as much to ’80s Saturday morning cartoons as it does U.K. grime and crunked-up Southern playalistics.… Read more »

Mr. Lif I Heard It Today

Unflinching MC Mr. Lif isn’t one to disappoint with his ever-challenging hip-hop. But what makes I Heard It Today his best work yet is that the Philly-based artist has found a way to write from a more relatable position.… Read more »

The Grouch & Eligh Say G&E!

Left-coast luminaries The Grouch and Eligh have made a tradition of sharing wisdom and morality over mesmerizing production, so Say G&E!, the Living Legends’ members third shot as a tag team, is a business-as-usual affair.… Read more »

Lady Sovereign Jigsaw

While some of her early singles like “Random” and “Ch-Ching” could be labeled as grime, London’s Lady Sovereign never gained full acceptance from the scene that the media desperately wanted her to be a part of.… Read more »

Verbal Kent & Kaz One Brave New Rap

Since dropping his solo debut in 2003, reliable Chicago rhymer Verbal Kent has avoided hip-hop trends with relative sonic success.… Read more »


DOOM Born Like This

DOOM is an MF, no question. A self-described “supervillain,” his megalomania knows no bounds—luckily, neither do his rhyme skills.… Read more »

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