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Aceyalone Aceyalone & The Lovely Ones

Understandably perturbed about the lack of doo-wop-influenced hip-hop, L.A.’s finest underground MC decided to do something about it—hence this tribute to ’60s soul.… Read more »

Two Fingers Two Fingers

This debut from Brazilian icon Amon Tobin and collaborator Joe “Doubleclick” Chapman takes psych hip-hop one step forward.… Read more »

Baron Zen Rhythm Trax Vol. 3

Taking heavy cues from breakdancing tournaments of yore, mall-punker Baron Zen’s hip-hop and electro rhythms often sound like they were programmed 25 years ago on dusty Roland drum machines (witness the Cybotron-meets-Man Parrish jaunt of “Rocket… Read more »

Odd Nosdam T.I.M.E. Soundtrack

Bay Area beatician Odd Nosdam sequences fuzz-addled dimensions steeped in ambient hiss, industrial blur, and record static with boom-bapping bliss-outs galore on the T.I.M.E.… Read more »

N.A.S.A. The Spirit of Apollo

While the producers behind The Spirit of Apollo—Spike Jonze’s little bro Sam Spiegel and Brazil’s DJ Zegon—are certainly competent beatsmiths with an impressive rolodex, their debut album is a bloated, unfocused collection of bland hip-hop an… Read more »

PPP Abundance

Three years after their critically acclaimed debut, Motor City thoroughbreds Waajeed and Saadiq deliver a sophomore release in a surprisingly about-face fashion. The duo all but abandons its hip-hop leanings here for a decidedly R&B/soul sound.… Read more »

Dälek Gutter Tactics

With its fluctuating sound, industrial-strength avant duo Dälek has often been hailed as an ambient group destined to change the face of hip-hop. Are they still the same genre-changing outfit?… Read more »

Madlib Beat Konducta Vol. 5-6

Once a Beat Konducta, always a Beat Konducta. Madlib’s fifth and sixth installment of the Beat Konducta series most definitely delivers, especially to fans of the producer’s ongoing beat-tape opus.… Read more »

Myka 9 1969

If they handed out Grammys for Lifetime Achievement in Keeping Hip-Hop Artistically Interesting, South Central street savant Myka 9 would surely have himself a statue.… Read more »

Elliot Lipp Peace Love Weed 3D

Eliot Lipp’s premiere release on his newly formed Old Tacoma imprint is another solid step forward for this Brooklyn-based synth specialist. Originally recorded to analog tape and then tweaked, these beats are retro and, at times, risky.… Read more »

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