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Traxx Faith

The first full-length from Traxx (a.k.a. Chicago-based DJ and producer Melvin Oliphant III) touts the most jacking-est of styles—"jakbeat," an Ann Arbor and Chicago sound that’s both an ode to and update of early Chicago house.… Read more »

CFCF Continent

The first sounds heard on the debut full-length from Montreal-based producer Michael Silver (musically known as CFCF) are a slow, bouncing beat matched by a handful of poignant synth tones that could have swirled straight from the hands of a lovesick… Read more »

Black Devil Disco Club Presents: The Strange New World of Bernard Fevre

As half of Black Devil Disco Club, Bernard Fevre decades ago invented his own stream of Italo-disco, only to vanish until a few years back.… Read more »


Etienne Jaumet Night Music

Mixed by Carl Craig, French producer Etienne Jaumet's first solo album delivers. 20-minute opener "For Falling Asleep" utilizes looped, occasionally acidy arpeggiations, with a processed saxophone providing the piece's main melody.… Read more »

Matias Aguayo Ay Ay Ay

Chilean producer Matias Aguayo (formerly of Closer Musik) has created a dark carnival of an album on Ay Ay Ay, a restrained event with sustained creepiness underlying the celebration.… Read more »


Redshape The Dance Paradox

Out-of-control revelers at Berghain might disagree, but it seems like a lot of new techno has been greeted with a collective yawn from the dance music community in 2009.… Read more »

Dada Life Just Do the Dada

Is it possible to cuddle an album?… Read more »

M.A.N.D.Y. Get Physical 7th Anniversary Compilation

Repeating their prior success with Get Physical's second and fourth anniversary mixes, M.A.N.D.Y. is back at the helm for the Berlin-based label.… Read more »

Ivan Smagghe Live at Robert Johnson Volume 3

As a former member of the genre-bending Black Strobe, Ivan Smagghe's contribution to the popular Robert Johnson mix series suitably features an eclectic selection of different dance music styles, from the hypnotic minimal sexiness of the Wighnomy Bro… Read more »

Luciano Tribute to the Sun

On the aptly named Tribute to the Sun, Luciano (a.k.a. Lucien Nicolet) fleshes out sub-tropical Latin and pan-African rhythms that have always shared a tonal palette with his darker Chicago- and Detroit-inspired productions.… Read more »

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