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Dinky Anemik

Ignore the title—the blood isn’t weak here. Suave microhouse rhythms, fluid synth riffs, and rackety percussive hits flow through the heart of this album by Chilean-Berliner Dinky (a.k.a. Alejandra Iglesias).… Read more »

GusGus 24/7

On their sixth studio album, GusGus' love of swelling euphoria remains intact, even if they have tempered their sound a bit to match the subtle climaxes of their new-found Kompakt labelmates.… Read more »

Joakim Milky Ways

Given that its creator initially made a name for himself as a purveyor of lighthearted French electro-disco, it's certainly unexpected that the first eight minutes or so of Milky Ways are reminscent of no one so much as Sonic Youth.… Read more »


Lawrence Until Then, Goodbye

Peter Kersten's output has never been filled with sunshine; in fact, one could argue that his oeuvre is downright melancholy, filled with minor-key melodies and sentimental chord progressions.… Read more »

Jamie Jones Don't You Remember the Future

Even as the '80s revival has dubiously morphed from a passing fad into what seems like permanent status, every once in a while an artist proves that the neon decade still has some ore worth mining. Don't You Remember the Future is the debut album from U.K. retro-futurist Jamie Jones, and although it portends to be a concept album set in 2116, the music sounds a lot more like 1986, from the Prince-biting proto-rave of "Summertime" to the jackin' diva-disco of "Half Human." … Read more »

Alland Byallo Brick by Brick

San Franciscan Alland Byallo is a builder. Since 2004, he’s been producing and releasing music on his own digital Nightlight label.… Read more »

Sally Shapiro My Guilty Pleasure

How could anyone not like Sally Shapiro?… Read more »

Various Total 10

It's that time of year again, folks: the Kompakt gang is back at it with yet another trophy to add to its shiny collection of Total compilations, and this year's contribution of hits from The Field, Thomas/Mayer, Nicolas Stefanis, and more is looking… Read more »

Felix da Housecat He Was King

Electroclash godfather Felix da Housecat supposedly wanted this album to be more pop than his past albums. He succeeded—kind of. Sure, the tracks are accessible, but they're also undemanding; the music is fun, but a little disposable.… Read more »

Simian Mobile Disco Temporary Pleasure

On their sophomore effort, Simian Mobile Disco has elected to attempt the dreaded “Featuring...” album, ladling guest vocalists over their defiantly analog pop-techno.… Read more »

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