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Various Artists Soma Coma III

So, you took some pills and danced all night. As you emerge from the club, the sun is already high in the sky, but you still aren't ready for sleep. What you are ready for is some healthy breakfast food and some cocktails to calm your nerves.… Read more »

Various Artists Horse Meat Disco

Jim Stanton and James Hillard are the founders of the weekly Horse Meat Disco party at London's Eagle club. On their debut mix, they serve up equal parts dust and glitter, seeing disco brightly though lessons learned from house and techno.… Read more »

Pictureplane Dark Rift

On his impressive debut album, Denver artist Pictureplane (a.k.a Travis Egedy) has cooked up a potent brew of new wave, old rave, damaged art rock, and modern U.K. thump.… Read more »

Lusine A Certain Distance

The latest from Seattle-based beatmaker Lusine (a.k.a. Jeff McIlwain) pulls memorable, unexpected electronic pop moments out of ethereal loops and ambient sound.… Read more »

Bloody Mary Black Pearl

Kudos to Jay Haze and the Contexterrior base for issuing this winning debut from the lovely Marjorie Migliaccio (a.k.a. Bloody Mary).… Read more »

Nick Curly 8 Bit Reasons Part One

Many of the new sounds coming from Europe are overwhelmingly indebted to the house pioneers of the United States, and while a bit more recognition of such influences might be in order, the phenomenon isn't necessarily a bad one.… Read more »

Kleerup Kleerup

Stepping out from behind the mixing boards is never an easy task, but synth-loving Swede Andreas Kleerup glides into the artist role on his debut album.… Read more »

Planetary Assault Systems Temporary Suspension

Like many of his fans, I lost interest in Luke Slater’s career after 2002’s flawed stab at accessibility, Alright on Top.… Read more »

Black Meteoric Star Black Meteoric Star

You have to hand it to DFA Records.… Read more »

Various Artists Moments of a Crisis

Celebrating a half-decade of releases from artists like Simian Mobile Disco, Yuksek, and Bot'Ox, to name a few, Italo-loving DJ/producer Cosmo Vitelli's I'm a Cliché imprint has assembled its first compilation.… Read more »

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