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The Crepes' Five Star in Gothenburg

The XLR8R TV crew recently took a trip to Scandinavia for Oslo's By:Larm Festiva… Read more »

Jonas Reinhardt Target Practice

Kranky's synth jammers point their revolvers towards the kosmische. … Read more »

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  • Tags: Indie
  • 03/16/2010

City Guide: Portland

Food carts owned by rock stars, rollerskating, and a video arcade bar. It must be Portland. For the most recent City Guide episode, we sent a camera to musician, DJ, and man-about-Portland Marius Libman (a.k.a. Copy). Copy shows us some one-of-a-kind Portland gems—a skating rink with the country's largest hanging Wurlitzer, a candy-covered breakfast spot, a video arcade bar, and food carts owned by rock n' rollers. … Read more »

Tune in an Afternoon: Dam-Funk and Nite Jewel

Two distinct LA flavors that taste great together! A few weeks back when we were sitting around fantasizing who in Los Angeles we'd want to collaborate for our recurring series, Tune in an Afternoon, we pretty quickly came up with Dam-Funk and Nite Jewel. When we contacted them, it turned out they were fans of each other and had been looking for an excuse to collaborate. It was decided that Nite Jewel would produce and that their favorite store, LA's Future Music, would serve as the afternoon's launching pad. From there, things just got creepy. Be sure to download their song, "Am I Gonna Make It," here. … Read more »

Annie Pops Back Up

After a series of frustrating setbacks, Annie finally releases her much anticipated second album, Don't Stop. … Read more »

Broadcast Half-Remembers

The duo's new mini-album and live show are a collaborative acid trip, UK-style! … Read more »

Lightning Bolt and Sun Ra Arkestra: Cosmic Connection

We turned this episode of XLR8R TV over to filmmaker Peter Glantz, who went to P… Read more »

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  • Tags: Indie
  • 09/22/2009

Delorean to Barcelona

Ekhi and Igor from Spanish synth-pop band Delorean show us summer, Barcelona-sty… Read more »

The Very Best Gives Up the Goods

Radioclit and singer Esau Mwamwaya ready their debut album for a very hungry aud… Read more »

Tune in an Afternoon: Lemonade

Lemonade takes our 40 bucks, gets all Anthony Bourdain on us, and then makes a fish-slapping track that you can download! In the second installment of our occasional "Tune in an Afternoon" series, Brooklyn bass trio Lemonade takes our money to NYC's Deluxe Food Market in Chinatown to find musical inspiration among the vats of frogs and bok choy. After sampling garlic chops, cava pops, and fish slaps, the band busts out a tropical track fit for the energy drink-fueled kids' show of their mind. … Read more »

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