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To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie Marlone

Originally from Richmond, VA, and now based in Minneapolis, the duo of Jehna Wilhelm and Mark McGee makes no bones about its debt to Kranky's flagship band, the now-defunct Labradford.… Read more »

Squarepusher Solo Electric Bass 1

Recorded at an ’07 show in Paris, Solo Electric Bass 1 finds jack-of-all-trades Tom Jenkinson, a.k.a. Squarepusher, playing nothing but a six-string bass.… Read more »

Nurse With Wound The Surveillance Lounge

Steven Stapleton’s latest release as Nurse With Wound marries some of his long-floating tendencies: serenely eerie feedback loops, voices screaming and/or shuddering in various foreign languages, and barely-there piano tinkling.… Read more »

Múm Sing Along to Songs You Don't Know

For fans acquainted with Múm's earlier works, Sing Along to Songs You Don't Know might seem an anomaly—the album's opening tracks ditch the Icelandic band's previous glitch-and-lullabye IDM for plain, old-fashioned indie pop. With shades of St.… Read more »

Tyondai Braxton Central Market

One of four masterminds behind genre-bending powerhouse Battles, Tyondai Braxton has written and composed a modern take on classical arrangements on his sophomore solo album.… Read more »

Nudge As Good As Gone

Dubby musical explorations don’t require a full payload of bass. Nudge isn’t strictly dub by any means, but the group’s slow-burning electro-acoustic tracks often have that billowy feel associated with shacks-turned-studios in Jamaica.… Read more »

Vladislav Delay Tummaa

Tummaa diametrically opposes Finnish producer/percussionist Sasu Ripatti’s work as Luomo.… Read more »

Jónsi & Alex Riceboy Sleeps

Though they’ve opted to release their debut album under their own names, the Riceboy Sleeps moniker is a longstanding one, under which Jon Por Birgisson and collaborative/romantic partner Alex Somers have staged exhibitions and published an eponymo… Read more »


Various Artists An Anthology of Chinese Experimental Music

Exhaustive in its scope, this four-disc collection of music from 1992-1998 might be one of the most amazing compilations of recent years, featuring more than four hours of music by 48 artists.… Read more »

Mungolian Jetset We Gave it All Away...Now We Are Taking it Back

Mungolian Jetset is everything you love about dance music. Disco? They’ve got it. Techno? They’ve got it. Pop?… Read more »

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