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David Daniell and Douglas McCombs Sycamore

For their first recorded collaboration, the Chicago-based pair of David Daniell, a guitarist with an impressive avant/free-rock pedigree—he’s worked with Loren Connors and Thurston Moore among others—and Douglas McCombs, best known as the bass … Read more »

Lokai Transition

The buzzing, ticking terrain plotted by the Austrian experimental duo of Florian Kmet and Stefan Németh has assumed a more fleshed-out shape with Transition, their second LP following 2005’s 7 Million.… Read more »

Mika Vainio Black Telephone of Matter

If we are to believe Lucia Dlugoszewski's maxim that the "first concern of all music... is to shatter the indifference of hearing," then Finnish sound-sculptor Vainio's fourth solo album can be considered as exemplary.… Read more »

Luigi Archetti/Bo Wiget Low Tide Digitals III

On their third installment for the Low Tide Digitals saga, Luigi Archetti and Bo Wiget make their rounds again through the heart of the industrial plant, passing by assembly lines of ungreased machinery and scorched steam engines while draping a shee… Read more »

Lucid Dream Recovered Data 95

Long before John Tejada earned his stripes in early '00s microhouse, his sound differed little from the hordes of Clinton-era bedroom hermits who crafted techno for the smoking chair instead of the dancefloor.… Read more »

Helado Negro Awe One

Helado Negro is a loose confederation of musicians led by multi-instrumentalist Roberto Carlos Lange, whose name you may recognize as the latest addition to Guillermo Scott Herren's Savath & Savalas project.… Read more »

Kreng L'Autopsie Phénoménale De Dieu

With a range of influences that spans generations and genres, Kreng's compositions force the listener's ears open, even though most have been taken out of their original context as scores for theater pieces by the Belgian experimental group Abattoir … Read more »

Jega Variance

Jega’s first release in seven years has been nothing if not anticipated.… Read more »

Bibio Ambivalence Avenue

Stephen Wilkinson’s latest Bibio disc blends together many of the disparate strands that now comprise Warp Records, so it’s fitting that he’d drop it on the label’s 20th anniversary.… Read more »

Greg Davis Mutually Arising

Vermont’s Greg Davis further ditches his rep as a twee laptop-folkie and crafts deceptively simple synth dirges to sneak into your subconscious.… Read more »

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