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Moritz von Oswald Trio Vertical Ascent

Any release combining the talents of dub-ambient-house titans Vladislav Delay, Max Loderbauer (NSI, Sun Electric), and Basic Channel/Chain Reaction/Rhythm & Sound’s Moritz von Oswald, one of the chief architects of the sub-bass sub-genre, automatic… Read more »

In the Country Whiteout

The three-piece In the Country is all about the piano on their third album, treading off deep into space-jazz and progressive-rock galaxies with their sublime, epic compositions.… Read more »

Risil Non Meters Vol. 1

Whether you're an amateur or a professional, everyone loves making their own noise.… Read more »

Gareth Hardwick Aversions

Boy, the risks of being a modern musician.… Read more »

TU M' Monochromes Vol. 1

Italian multimedia duo TU M' issues the first volume of their Monochromes series and it comes off as quite a lengthy, yet celestial journey, stretching across miles upon miles of bone-chilling Arctic tundra as the haze of the golden sun dissolves int… Read more »

Silk Flowers Silk Flowers

It is hard to listen to Silk Flowers' first record without thinking of Ian Curtis—Aviram Cohen's baritone inhabits the same timbre with a bit more croon.… Read more »

Lopazz & Casio Casino Ambient Film Themes Vol. 1

Showcasing highlights from the film/documentary music that Berlin-based producers Stefan Eichinger (Lopazz) and Steffen Neuert (Casio Casino) have recorded for Along Mekong Productions over the last decade, this follow-up to—or, rather, digression … Read more »

Tomasz Bednarczyk Let's Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow

Like many minimalist greats before him, Poland’s Tomasz Bednarczyk simply takes a bare sound from a piano or an electric guitar and loops it until every grain of emotion expires with each breath.… Read more »

Moby Wait For Me

Since the release of his 1999 opus Play, Moby has been busy—flirting with mainstream pop, collaborating with international superstars, and even revisiting his raver roots.… Read more »

Maayan Nidam Nightlong

Berlin beauty Maayan Nidam of Miss Fitz and Spunky Brewster notoriety swan dives into the world of Cuban cadence and rhythm and makes quite a splash on her debut full-length, Nightlong, impregnating her electronic foray with a tropical touch.… Read more »

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