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Matt Elliot The Mess We Made

Revealing a fondness for drifting in and out of sleep that he shares with My Bloody Valentine's Kevin Shields, Matt Elliott claims that most of his ideas are derived from hypnogogic or hypnopompic conditions-respectively, the partially conscious stat… Read more »

Karsten Pflum Tracks

Karsten Pflum, a.k.a. Jacob Madsen, hails from Copenhagen. For the release of his debut full-length, however, he teamed with Worm Interface, a downbeat label from London.… Read more »

Karen Stackpole Improv. Gong and Percussion Music

Lush, huge dynamics ranging from chiming, piercing, scraping metallic rings to the rumbling deep bass of gongs & toms to challenge any sub-woofer.… Read more »

Strategy Strut

You'd think that with a title like Strut, Strategy's debut would be bursting with big swaggering sounds. Instead, Strategy's point of pride seems to be in his wide palette of rather small though stylishly melded beats.… Read more »

Sutekh Micro-Solutions To Mega-Problems

Following mate Kit Clayton's debut offering for Soul Jazz's new MSMG series, Sutekh offers a selection of trademark tech-house tomfoolery. "Mouth Party" stutters on vocal samples, like Akufen going vaguely garage.… Read more »

Xela For Frosty Mornings and Summer Nights

John Xela does it up right for us old farts-chilled, melodic, complex IDM, as intricately detailed as later Autechre, but with infinitely more groove and soul.… Read more »

Aspera Oh Fantastica

Unicorns, rainbows and blankets of butterflies flying in chromatic symmetry across glittery, snow-capped Claymation backdrops prefigure the mystic secrets contained on this evolutionary leap of a record.… Read more »

The Soft Pink Truth Do You Party?

Drew Daniel was the first "glam skater" I ever saw in SF. The Matmos member was decked out in a Thrasher shirt, acid-washed jacket, ripped stockings, and checkered lowtops with his face smeared with hot-pink mascara.… Read more »

David Toop Black Chamber

David Toop makes the kind of music you'd expect from someone who recorded for Eno's Obscure imprint, writes essential books like Ocean Of Sound, and contributes to The Wire.… Read more »

Evolution Control Committee Plagitarythm Nation

The ECC arguably first infected the Net with the "mash-up" technique-still best heard on their classic 1993 "Whipped Cream Mix" of Chuck D rapping over a Herb Alpert big-band jaunt.… Read more »

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