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Ultra-Red Amnistia!

Amnistia!, Ultra-Red's recording of an NYC rally for undocumented immigrant workers' amnesty on May Day 2000, is more likely to be enjoyed by noise fetishists than the blue-collar proletariat.… Read more »

Pole 45/45

The only thing harder than originating a brilliant, singular sound of your own must be abandoning it for all the mimics who've run with your steez.… Read more »

Morgan Craft Valhalla (Adagio)

Mournful, anthemic lone-wolf stunt guitarú from an Afro-Viking Minnesotan.… Read more »

Oren Ambarchi, Gunter Muller, Voice Crack Oystered

This latest installation in Audiosphere's excellent Invisible Architecture series is perhaps the most compelling to date.… Read more »

Various Ikebana: Merzbow's Amlux Rebuilt

Not exactly a remix album-how does one remix noise?-but a service provided by Merzbow, offering his Amlux album to a wide range of noise tinkerers to have their way with. Slutty, isn't it?… Read more »

Various All Tomorrows Parties 3.02

If Car & Driver magazine were to commission a compilation of electronic compositions, they would need to look no further than this comp to know the work's already done.… Read more »

QPE Boolean Logic

Well-made slower and darker beats. Atmospheric, bruised sounds. The experimental interludes cushioning the beat tracks are especially choice. Next generation from the purveyors of fine "illbience"-can I use that term? Read more »

Stewart Walker Live Extracts

Stewart Walker's departure from his usual isolation-induced compositions may be a function of his recent Discord collaboration with Geoff White.… Read more »

Europa 51 Absstractions

Europa 51 come round rapping sultrily on your door with one question and one question only: at what point do you go from being influenced by the meandering pastoral postures of Tortoise and the breathy, vocalized foxtrots of Stereolab to sounding lik… Read more »

Broadcast Pendulum

UK avant-pop quintet Broadcast releases a peek at their most realized album to date. "Pendulum" and the sublime "Still Feels like Tears" are all sweet motorik propulsion.… Read more »

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