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Mouse on Mars Glam

It's understandable why Josh Evans rejected the Mouse on Mars soundtrack for his film, Glam.… Read more »

Phase Selector Sound The Sound of Tblclths

Very adventurous/avantgarde-type dubwise tracks. As the dub sound system movement forwards in America, releases such as this one show that this country contains some authentic talent and originality. Read more »

Various Artists Lost Treasures

Occasionally a record pops up that simply doesn't make sense, for better or worse, no matter how many times you listen to it. Lost Treasures is one of those.… Read more »

Bobby Karate Hot Trips, Cold Returns

Along with Electric Birds and L'usine, Bobby Karate (Steven Ford) is inflating Seattle's electronic-music scene into something worth your respect.… Read more »

Yoshimi and Yuka Flower With No Color

Sure to be overlooked for its elegant subtlety, Cibo Matto-programmer Yuka Honda and Yoshimi P-We (Boredoms, OOIOO, Free Kitten) have created a minor ambient/improv masterpiece in Flower With No Color.… Read more »

Mockey In Mesopotamia (J.D. Slazenger's edition)

Before they ran away to start their own dirty electro circus in Berlin, Peaches and Chilly Gonzales were in a punk band called The Shit, of which Dominic Salole, a.k.a. Mocky, was the drummer.… Read more »

Jaylib The Official

You don't necessarily hear music made by Jay Dee and Mad Lib-you feel it. They're too busy living the moment with wobbly jazz loops, drunken snares, dirty handclaps and lyrics that tell it like it is.… Read more »

Vessel Dreaming in Paris

Stealing fire from Warp and a page from Aphex Twin, Vessel cook up highly unoriginal IDM. Braindaince wouldn't be braindance if it wasn't a little dreamy, but these guys are laid back to the point of coma-inducement.… Read more »

The Hacker Danse Industria


Ghost Cauldron Invent Modest Fires

Why front on an album that invokes David Lynch's Twin Peaks on its first song?… Read more »

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