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Nobukazu Takemura Songbook

Songbook is a tale sung in the native tongue of Moondonia. The mushroom people of this purple land live in lakes of rainbow glass. They pluck silver grapes from translucent octopi arms and whistle all the while.… Read more »

Various Artists Thinkbox Edition 1: Settings

Windsor/Detroit's Thinkbox offers itself as the latest entrant to the North American pantheon of micro-labels peddling minimalistic sounds; its first compilation includes known entities like Bill Van Loo and Mark Laliberte as well as less familiar na… Read more »

Supersilent 6

Supersilent has always been difficult to label.… Read more »

Caural Blurred July EP

Zachary Mastoon is lost in the cornfields and abandoned factory rows of America's Midwest with only an MPC 3000 as his compass.… Read more »

!!! Me and Guliani Down By the Schoolyard (A True Story)

This eight-piece Gang of Explanation Marks knows exactly where to take that stomach-churning urge for self-aware, No-Wave-tinged, Caucasoid post-punk-funk-to the motherfuckin' bridge, y'all!… Read more »

Mouse on Mars Glam

It's understandable why Josh Evans rejected the Mouse on Mars soundtrack for his film, Glam.… Read more »

Chris Watson Star Switch On

Unusually, Star Switch On features the sounds of large grouse and goat-herders, nocturnal birds and death-watch beetles.… Read more »

Warmdesk Guero Variations

The story goes that Guero Variations arose from William Selman's captivation with a recording by composer Helmut Lachenmann, in which all the sounds were captured from a piano by means other than playing it.… Read more »

RF Interno

The debut solo album from Berkeley, CA-based Ryan Francesconi works as a soundtrack for pensive, pondering times, that lets the mind drift from rigidity and schedules.… Read more »

Dino Felipe Econo EP

Dino will make all you "straight boys" wet!… Read more »

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