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Vessel Dreaming in Paris

Stealing fire from Warp and a page from Aphex Twin, Vessel cook up highly unoriginal IDM. Braindaince wouldn't be braindance if it wasn't a little dreamy, but these guys are laid back to the point of coma-inducement.… Read more »

The Hacker Danse Industria


Ghost Cauldron Invent Modest Fires

Why front on an album that invokes David Lynch's Twin Peaks on its first song?… Read more »

Styrofoam I'm What's There to Show That Something's Missing

Arne van Petegem was once easy to overlook in the middle of Morr's roster of mellow, blissfully melancholy electronicists. No more-this time around, he keeps the slowed-down programming and DSP jabber, and slots in his own vocals.… Read more »

Julian Marley Systems

An exceptionally well produced composition. Julian delivers a strong message song complemented by a perfectly rootsy rhythm track. This is a crucial cut that I recommend you look out for. Read more »

Tussle Eye Contact

Rubbing some avant-dub style into their motorik steez, San Francisco instrumental quartet Tussle shows the world how to shut the fuck up and play non-stop.… Read more »

Various Artists .Ilation

This latest compilation from Cologne's eccentric Sonig imprint might well be the experimental party record of the year.… Read more »

Mika Vainio In the Land of the Blind the One-Eyed is King

With this, his fourth solo album, Mika Vainio journeys through rather different musical terrain than in the past.… Read more »

Manitoba Jacknuggeted

Relax, take a breath, LISTEN. Enjoy the slow romantic indie rock "Seaweed," the kind of stuff you can play for your mom, without being bored yourself. Tons of jingles over acoustic drums ("Thistles and Felt"). Vocal delights!… Read more »

Massive Attack Special Cases

Don't know whose idea it was to release such a decidedly tech-house 12" for the first single off the middling 100th Window, but I'm not complaining.… Read more »

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