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Various Artists .Ilation

This latest compilation from Cologne's eccentric Sonig imprint might well be the experimental party record of the year.… Read more »

Mika Vainio In the Land of the Blind the One-Eyed is King

With this, his fourth solo album, Mika Vainio journeys through rather different musical terrain than in the past.… Read more »

Massive Attack Special Cases

Don't know whose idea it was to release such a decidedly tech-house 12" for the first single off the middling 100th Window, but I'm not complaining.… Read more »

Manitoba Jacknuggeted

Relax, take a breath, LISTEN. Enjoy the slow romantic indie rock "Seaweed," the kind of stuff you can play for your mom, without being bored yourself. Tons of jingles over acoustic drums ("Thistles and Felt"). Vocal delights!… Read more »

Ogurusu Norihide Modern

Seemingly aware of the countless failed mergers between acoustic and electronic music, Norihide's response is a much-needed erosion of both sounds into their most elementary shapes.… Read more »

Gavouna Warm Industry EP

Greek Athanasios Argianas studied visual art until he fell in with a student of Xenakis and Berio. On Warm Industry, he's made dusty piano and analog synth vignettes that sound like Boards of Canada remixing Erik Satie and Morton Subotnick at GRM.… Read more »

Freeform Freeform Condensed (Finest Filets 1995-2002)

An odd concept: Nonplace Records owner and renowned producer Burnt Friedman edits and "re-edits" select tracks from British IDM maestro Simon Pyke's vast back catalog.… Read more »

Taylor Deupree and Kenneth Kirschner Post_Piano

A newcomer to recorded music, Kenneth Kirschner's actually been working with experimental piano and electronics as long as college friend and collaborator Taylor Deupree (that is, for over a decade), and this is a captivating debut.… Read more »

Apeanaut Go Away

Brooklyn dubmaster and Antibalas keyboardist Tiklah offers his label's first 12", and it's pure talent.… Read more »

Shuttle358 Understanding Wildlife

What's left for a microsound experimentalist with ambient tendencies?… Read more »

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