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Apeanaut Go Away

Brooklyn dubmaster and Antibalas keyboardist Tiklah offers his label's first 12", and it's pure talent.… Read more »

Shuttle358 Understanding Wildlife

What's left for a microsound experimentalist with ambient tendencies?… Read more »

Chris Watson Star Switch On

Unusually, Star Switch On features the sounds of large grouse and goat-herders, nocturnal birds and death-watch beetles.… Read more »

Warmdesk Guero Variations

The story goes that Guero Variations arose from William Selman's captivation with a recording by composer Helmut Lachenmann, in which all the sounds were captured from a piano by means other than playing it.… Read more »

RF Interno

The debut solo album from Berkeley, CA-based Ryan Francesconi works as a soundtrack for pensive, pondering times, that lets the mind drift from rigidity and schedules.… Read more »

Dino Felipe Econo EP

Dino will make all you "straight boys" wet!… Read more »

Dorine_Muraille Mani

Imagine Mani as the soundtrack to a Jean-Pierre Jeunet film about Amelie's long-lost schizo sister.… Read more »

Jaga Jazzist Animal Chin EP

Culling three songs from the Norwegian nine-piece post-jazz collective's excellent Smalltown Supersound debut, with two exclusive tracks and two remixes (courtesy drummer Martin Horntveth and field-recording fetishist Kim Hiorthoy), this EP goes down… Read more »

Alejandra & Aeron Bousha Blue Blazes

From their earliest Lucky Kitchen releases, Alejandra Salinas and Aeron Bergman's take on computer music has been extraordinarily personal.… Read more »

Daedelus The Household EP

Santa Monica's favorite electro antiquarian gets domestic, sweeping up Louis Bonfa, Robert Moog, Coldcut, The Fat Boys and Bollywood soundtracks into a digi-dustpan mosaic. Prefuse 73 stops by to lend some beats and a helping hand with the chores.… Read more »

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