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Freeform Freeform Condensed (Finest Filets 1995-2002)

An odd concept: Nonplace Records owner and renowned producer Burnt Friedman edits and "re-edits" select tracks from British IDM maestro Simon Pyke's vast back catalog.… Read more »

Taylor Deupree and Kenneth Kirschner Post_Piano

A newcomer to recorded music, Kenneth Kirschner's actually been working with experimental piano and electronics as long as college friend and collaborator Taylor Deupree (that is, for over a decade), and this is a captivating debut.… Read more »

Apeanaut Go Away

Brooklyn dubmaster and Antibalas keyboardist Tiklah offers his label's first 12", and it's pure talent.… Read more »

Shuttle358 Understanding Wildlife

What's left for a microsound experimentalist with ambient tendencies?… Read more »

Colorform Send Forth Your Soul

James Allen's debut recording-an EP by name but a tidy 38 minutes long-is a surprising first release for DJ Spooky's Synchronic label.… Read more »

What Kind of Sound? The First Release On Unis1

Dopey title aside, Chris McCormack (a.k.a. avant-technoist UK Gold) shows impressive range here as WKOS.… Read more »

Various Artists Him Remix Series #1: Japan

The triumphant journey through Nobukazu Takemura's mind is the bounty of the booty. It's a story in three chapters, the third of which could simmer along nicely in the background of my life forever.… Read more »

Thomas Köner Zyklop

Thomas Köner is the god of small sounds.… Read more »

E Malkay Deep

A delirious, eye-drenching, head-nodder of a four track. Loosely obeying the principles of "UK garage," this is as pure a distillation of inventiveness and hedonistic butt-shaking as you're likely to hear in a nightclub these days.… Read more »

Jukeboxer Man Throughout the Ages EP

Brooklyner Noah Wall works a naïve, knowing sort of kitchen-sink electro-pop.… Read more »

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