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Konstantin Raudive The Voices of the Dead

I can take spiders, gore, psychological thrillers, no problem. But when it comes to ghosts, set to the ponderously spooky Sub Rosa vibe?… Read more »

Various Artists No Space for Dogma

In just two years, K2O has presented IDM from artists as far-flung as Moscow, Berlin, Brooklyn and Colorado. Sadly, geographic diversity doesn't translate into musical diversity, as much of No Space for Dogma runs together into a midtempo soup.… Read more »

Mira Calix Skimskitta

Skimskitta is an elusive, ambitious work that's ultimately disappointing.… Read more »

Tamion 12 Inch All Black

With electroclash dead for lack of passion, groups like this Detroit trio bring the true, young Reagan-era rage back to the digital age.… Read more »

Antenne #2

How many times can one hear the words "beautiful," "breathtaking," or "brilliant" before those words are sapped entirely of any meaning?… Read more »

Joan of Arc So Much Staying Alive and Loneliness

With Joan of Arc's last album-The Gap, an experiment in ProTools released in 2000-songwriter Tim Kinsella's abstract minimalism and impenetrable lyrics seemed more to be creating rifts than bridging chasms between his current project and his fiery, a… Read more »

Further Good Times...?

Producers Neville Attree and C-Rock roll out a slice of murky, alienated electropop for the afterhours set.… Read more »

Misc In Between

When a producer wakes up one morning, looks in the mirror, and muses, "I think I'll be a minimalist," we can almost always guarantee that he's been duped.… Read more »

Cursor Minor Remote Control EP

A reasonable foray into robot rock starts this four-tracker from the young Mr. Miner. Today's standard processed voice describes things that then happen to the music itself, making it strangely satisfying to listen and dance to.… Read more »


Right on! Yunx (a.k.a. Iyunx Productions) finally decide to … Read more »

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