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When a producer wakes up one morning, looks in the mirror, and muses, "I think I'll be a minimalist," we can almost always guarantee that he's been duped.… Read more »

Cursor Minor Remote Control EP

A reasonable foray into robot rock starts this four-tracker from the young Mr. Miner. Today's standard processed voice describes things that then happen to the music itself, making it strangely satisfying to listen and dance to.… Read more »


Right on! Yunx (a.k.a. Iyunx Productions) finally decide to … Read more »

Roel Meelkop & Tore Honore Boe Sovezacht

Following Heroin, the brilliant collaboration between Ekkehard Ehlers and Stephan Mathieu, Brombron (a label project between Dutch imprints Staalplaat and Extrapol) returns with their third release.… Read more »

Aphex Twin 26 Mixes for Cash

IDM icon Richard D. James has never hidden his mercenary tendencies. Despite (or because of) this crassness, Aphex Twin has cranked out some of his most interesting-and absurd-music while tweaking other artists' tracks.… Read more »

Colorform Send Forth Your Soul

James Allen's debut recording-an EP by name but a tidy 38 minutes long-is a surprising first release for DJ Spooky's Synchronic label.… Read more »

Various Artists Him Remix Series #1: Japan

The triumphant journey through Nobukazu Takemura's mind is the bounty of the booty. It's a story in three chapters, the third of which could simmer along nicely in the background of my life forever.… Read more »

What Kind of Sound? The First Release On Unis1

Dopey title aside, Chris McCormack (a.k.a. avant-technoist UK Gold) shows impressive range here as WKOS.… Read more »

Thomas Köner Zyklop

Thomas Köner is the god of small sounds.… Read more »

Jukeboxer Man Throughout the Ages EP

Brooklyner Noah Wall works a naïve, knowing sort of kitchen-sink electro-pop.… Read more »

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