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Five Minutes with Mala at Movement 2013

One of the absolute highlights from XLR8R's time at this year's Movement festival in Detroit was the set that Mala played on the Red Bull Music Academy stage on Sunday (our review of it can be found here, and more photos can be found here). Between his deft selections of dark, sub-focused music and his affable stage presence, the longstanding DJ/producer rendered us speechless for the hour and a half he played—that is, until he dropped a tune we couldn't help but cheer for. Suffice it to say that we were excited to interview Mala while we had the chance, so after he finished up talking to friends, signing 12" sleeves, and taking photos with fans, we had a quick chat with the dubstep don about the music he's been playing lately, whether or not he feels connected to Detroit's legacy, and his thoughts on EDM and so-called American "dubstep." … Read more »

Five Minutes with Dabrye at Movement 2013

As XLR8R was getting ready to head to Detroit for this year's Movement festival—which we wrote about and photographed extensively—there were many acts we couldn't wait to see, and Ann Arbor native Dabrye was very high on that list. Maybe it's because we've been seriously missing his kind of leftfield hip-hop beats since his last solo album dropped in 2006, or perhaps it's because he was one of the few producers of that genre to play Movement, but we quickly went after a chance to interview the artist born Tadd Mullinix while we had the chance. During our quick chat, Dabrye recalled some of his early memories of the first Movement festival, shared his thoughts on the so-called "beat scene," and gave us an update on the third installment of his LP trilogy. … Read more »

Movement 2013 Photos: Azari & III, Nicolas Jaar, Audion, Squarepusher, and More

We spent this past Memorial Day Weekend taking in the plethora of sights and sounds offered at Detroit's annual Movement festival. After dancing, partying, and vibing to as much electronic music as is likely possible to cram into a three-day span, we published a wrap-up of the festival—read that here—with a good amount of photos from our time in the Motor City. But we found ourselves with lots of leftover shots that we figured XLR8R readers would like to take a look at. As such, we've compiled some of our favorites—including photos of Azari & III, Terrence Parker, The Bug, Nicolas Jaar, Ellen Allien, George FitzGerald, T.Williams, Squarepusher, Masters at Work, and many more—which can be perused after the jump. … Read more »

XLR8R's Five-Point Movement Festival 2013 Breakdown

Detroit's annual Movement festival is something of a Mecca for fans of electronic music, especially those who have a fondness for its history and the integral part the Motor City has played in its development. It's an event that has taken place every Memorial Day Weekend since 2000, and seems to have continually grown with each consecutive year, expanding its vision and curatorial approach. 2013 was no different, and from the moment XLR8R caught an early glimpse of Movement's line-up for this year, we had our heart set on attending the festivities. Thankfully, the organizers obliged, and invited us out to spend the three-day weekend getting our fill of all the house and techno (and its many permutations) presented by the huge number of performing artists. Little did we know how much of an undertaking the whole experience would be, so we've decided to share a condensed, five-point breakdown of our time spent at Movement 2013. … Read more »

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