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MUTEK 2013

XLR8R in Conversation with Pantha du Prince at MUTEK 2013

The annual MUTEK festival took place last week in Montreal. XLR8R was lucky enough to snag an invite, and in all honesty, we had an amazing time. Our review detailed many of the MUTEK highlights, but it bears repeating that the set from Pantha du Prince & The Bell Laboratory on Sunday evening was undoubtedly the week's standout performance. The day before that, the festival and Red Bull Music Academy put on a public Q&A session with Pantha du Prince, and enlisted our editor Shawn Reynaldo to play host. A portion of the discussion has been excerpted below, during which the veteran German producer shares some of his thoughts on DJ culture, techno, and how the club factors into his creative process. We've also included a few extra photos of the Pantha du Prince & The Bell Laboratory performance, as it was a truly phenomenal show. … Read more »

XLR8R in Conversation with Martyn at MUTEK 2013

Last week, XLR8R was invited to attend the annual MUTEK festival in Montreal. During our four days in attendance, we witnessed plenty of memorable moments—13 of which were spelled out in detail in our festival review—but our participation actually went beyond merely checking out the various shows and parties. XLR8R was also invited to host a couple of public conversations with MUTEK artists, one of whom was Martyn. We've excerpted a portion of the discussion here, specifically the part where the Dutch-born, DC-based producer (and 3024 label boss) told us about his new audio-visual show. … Read more »

13 Things We Won't Forget About MUTEK 2013

Simply put, MUTEK 2013 was a pleasure to attend. The Montreal festival was in its 14th year, and although we didn't arrive until the second day of the festivities, MUTEK proved once again that it's more or less the standard bearer for how to put together—and execute—and high-quality event. Of course, being in Montreal and taking place during the first days of summer certainly helps, as few places feel more glorious, welcoming, and, yes, downright adorable when the sun is shining, but MUTEK is so much more than that. This year in particular, the line-ups were strong, the hiccups were inconsequential, the sound and visuals were top-notch, the crowds were enthusiastic and intelligent—a rare combination in the modern festival landscape—and the performances were... well, many of them were downright sublime. In short, there was a lot to love about this year's MUTEK, but a few things really put it over the top. … Read more »

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