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Patrick Sisson

Touch and Go Records: Born Free

"When I got involved doing this stuff I never imagined that, 25 years later, we'… Read more »

Tigarah: Preaching the Funk Grail

On the cover of her self-titled, self-released EP, 24-year-old Tigarah (born Yuk… Read more »

Douglas Coupland's JPod

Vancouver's Douglas Coupland defined youth in the early '90s with works like Gen… Read more »

Serena-Maneesh: Power-Trippers

Emil Nikolaisen–the guitarist, lead singer, and songwriter of Norwegian rock b… Read more »

Clubland's Big Brother

Anybody with a healthy nightlife has endured serious (and unnecessary) scrutiny … Read more »

Phuturistix: Future with a PH

It's no secret that English garage producer Zed Bias has a skilled touch in the … Read more »

Dante Carfagna: The Magic Funk Touch

A dimly lit bar tucked into a Chicago side street, Danny's Tavern normally draws… Read more »

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