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RBMA Madrid

Fresh Faces from the Red Bull Music Academy

While attending a portion of this year's Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid, it would have been easy to only pay attention to the bigger artists that proliferated the ranks of the Academy's parties, lectures, and even the participants. But only shining a light on the more well-known folks would be contrary to the spirit of the entire RBMA, which brings artists—many of them unknown—from all over the world for an exchange of ideas, cultures, and, of course, music. As such, we wanted wrap XLR8R's coverage of RBMA Madrid by getting to know a few of the participants whose names haven't regularly appeared on XLR8R—at least not yet. Although profiling all 60 participants, or even just those attending the second term when XLR8R was in attendance, would have been just about impossible, here are three very different artists that definitely caught our attention. … Read more »

Five Minutes with Salva at RBMA

Over the weekend, this year's Red Bull Music Academy officially came to a close. Nevertheless, we still have a few tidbits of information to share from our visit to Madrid. (Go here to check out all of our coverage.) One such tidbit is this conversation with Salva. The LA-based producer and Frite Nite label boss was accepted as a participant for this year's Academy, so we asked him to share his thoughts on the experience. He also expounded about his move to Los Angeles, his ongoing musical evolution, and his plans for the future. … Read more »

Behind the Scenes at RBMA Madrid, Part 2

Last week, XLR8R editor Shawn Reynaldo made the trek to Madrid to check out a portion of this year's Red Bull Music Academy. The recap of the whirlwind that was his first two days at the Academy can be found here, but read on for the highlights of the trip's second half. … Read more »

Five Minutes with John Talabot at RBMA

Last week, XLR8R headed to Madrid and spent a handful of days at this year's Red Bull Music Academy. Amidst the flurry of lectures, studio sessions, club nights, and special performances, we pulled aside John Talabot for a quick chat. The Barcelona-based producer and former Bubblin' Up subject was invited to Madrid as one of this year's RBMA lecturers, so after dropping over an hour of knowledge on the Academy participants, he sat down with us and spoke about his new album, his RBMA experience, the relationship between Barcelona and Madrid, and how his music goes beyond its sunny reputation. … Read more »

Behind the Scenes at RBMA Madrid, Part 1

Last week, XLR8R was invited to Madrid for a few days to get a behind-the-scenes look at this year's Red Bull Music Academy. The annual summit is currently in the midst of its second term, and upon his arrival, our editor Shawn Reynaldo was thrust right into the thick of things. Here are some of the highlights of what he saw. … Read more »

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