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Twilight Circus The Essential Collection

Many were taken aback when longtime Legendary Pink Dot Ryan Moore entered the yawning chasm of dub music. But they were far from disappointed with the results.… Read more »

Various Artists King Jammy's The Rhythm King: 18 Dancehall Classics

King Jammy emerged from King Tubby's tutelage to become the most popular (and prolific) producer of the '80s in Jamaica, largely due to his innovative Casio-fueled style.… Read more »

Dennis Brown The Promised Land 1977-1979

Like nearly all Dennis Brown albums, The Promised Land has a mix of great tunes and filler tracks: in general this is an above-average to very good collection.… Read more »

Luciano Serve Jah

Now out of the voice of the one called Luciano comes a musical thing all courtesy of Black Scorpio studio. This anticipated release from the Manchester Messenjah is pure classic.… Read more »

Elephant Man Higher Level

"Unhappy is the land in need of heroes." And nowhere is Brecht's maxim more apt than Jamaica, a part of the "Third World" seen only as a vacation spot by most Americans.… Read more »

Cornel Campbell Original Blue Recordings 1970-1979

Jamaica's gentle falsetto vocalist Cornel Campbell has been resurfacing lately on a number of British and German electronic roots and dub recordings.… Read more »

King Tubby 100% of Dub

At first glance, 100% of Dub may seem like just another "Best of" title, and if you're familiar with reggae comps, that's reason enough to be wary.… Read more »

Various Artists Wackie's Sampler Vol. 1

If you visited a coconut shop, you would encounter sizes and shapes unique as snowflakes. Wackie's brings you coconuts of the Jamaican German Big Apple dub variety.… Read more »

Bill Laswell Sacred System Dub Chamber 4: Book of Exit

Oh, Bill Laswell. So much to answer for. He's loved. He's hated. Lately it seems, mostly the latter. Why?… Read more »

Pulse Programming Tulsa for One Second

Experimental acts are sneaking out of the bedroom and into clubs. Groups like The Postal Service (Jimmy Tamborello of Dntel's side-project on Seattle's Sub Pop imprint) are rockin' the world of formerly electronic-shy indie-pop fans.… Read more »

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