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Dinowalrus %

In comparison to the noisy rock sounds propagated by contemporaries such as HEALTH, Ganglians, and Liars, Dinowalrus is a far more unhinged outfit whose heavily reverberated atmospheres, herky-jerky basslines, and warped soundscapes bring to mind ear… Read more »

Clipd Beaks To Realize

Calling an album "mature" is often a death knell for creativity and excitement, but in the case of To Realize, it's good thing.… Read more »

Kap Bambino Blacklist

Although Kap Bambino's reputation as a shit-hot live act is well established, Blacklist, the Bordeaux duo's third album, doesn't quite capture the group's on-stage magic.… Read more »


Patrick Cowley and Jorge Socarras Catholic

A few years ago, some San Francisco DJs and music enthusiasts happened upon a stack of unreleased tape reels featuring collaborations between gay disco icon Patrick Cowley and multi-instrumentalist Jorge Socarras.… Read more »

Owen Pallett Heartland

Filled to the brim with ambitious, orchestral arrangements and an army of instruments, it's easy to forget that Heartland is the work of one musician.… Read more »

Little Dragon Machine Dreams

Machine Dreams, the second album by Sweden's Little Dragon, treads similar territory as The Knife's Deep Cuts.… Read more »

Pink Skull Endless Bummer

The latest album from Philly's dance-obsessive weirdos Pink Skull initially seems to have transitioned the outfit into more accessible territory.… Read more »

Cobra Killer Uppers and Downers

Still dolled up like fetishized East Berlin schoolmarms, Gina D’Orio and Annika Trost have kept up their art-damaged moxie, for better and worse.… Read more »

Atlas Sound Logos

Bradford Cox (a.k.a. Atlas Sound) may lead a rock band, Atlanta’s Deerhunter, but on his own, he commands altogether hazier and more fragile armies.… Read more »

A Grave with No Name Mountain Debris

Largely conceived in the London bedroom studio of frontman Alex Shields, Mountain Debris is an impressive collection of distortion-bathed pop tunes that manages to stand out, even in an increasingly crowded lo-fi field.… Read more »

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