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Sian Alice Group Troubled, Shaken, Etc.

The rock aesthetes in Sian Alice Group have a fetish for tones and textures, from electronic pulses and Velvets-like riffs to scratched guitar strings, which they tweak, layer, and slowly fade throughout their songs.… Read more »

Reichmann Wunderbar

Back in 1978, one of Krautrock's more electronically minded artists, Wolfgang Riechmann, was tragically killed in a random knife attack a mere three weeks before the release of what would sadly be his first and only album.… Read more »

Yacht See Mystery Lights

DFA's willingness to take the road less traveled is a big part of what has made the label so beloved. As such, even when an ostensibly 'pop' act like Yacht is added to the stable, it's a safe bet that the music won't be a paint-by-numbers affair.… Read more »

Rainbow Arabia Kabukimono

Los Angeles-based husband-and-wife duo Rainbow Arabia made some waves with last year's debut EP The Basta, and Kabukimono finds the band effectively building upon its unique brew of exotic synths, south-of-the-equator dance beats, and post-punk songw… Read more »

Ganglians Monster Head Room

The Woodsist banner has put out one psych nugget after the next in '09, and this stunner from Ganglians is the brightest hunk of gold to land in my lap thus far.… Read more »

Ty Segall Lemons

There's not much to "get" about Ty Segall, but that doesn't mean the young San Francisco troubadour isn't a whole lot of fun.… Read more »

39 Clocks Pain It Dark

The Bureau B imprint mines deep into the murk and strikes gold with this reissue of the 1981 debut from Germany’s self-crowned “Psycho Beat” combo, 39 Clocks.… Read more »

The Phenomenal Handclap Band The Phenomenal Handclap Band

“All that money/Still ridin’ the bus.” With a little bit of contemporary panache and a whole lot of mid-‘70s throwback neologism, NYC hipsters The Phenomenal Handclap Band have solved the soundtrack riddle for today’s juxtaposition of econo… Read more »

Oneida Rated O

It’s been a more than a decade since Oneida dropped its debut, but this Brooklyn collective’s unshackled, invigorating psychedelic rock has only become more vital, splitting into sections both refined and carefree.… Read more »

Yppah They Know What Ghost Know

Turntablist shoegaze, theoretically, sounds like absolute crap. In practice, though, Joe Corrales, Jr. makes it work, as evidenced by his sophomore album, They Know What Ghost Know, a more rock (and post-rock) affair than his 2006 debut.… Read more »

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