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Lullatone Songs That Spin In Circles

While an increasing number of aging indie musicians have made the dubious decision to enter the "music for kids" game in recent years, Japanese duo Lullatone has been assembling precious lullabies since 2002.… Read more »

Minitel Rose The French Machine

With the '80s revival basically reaching "permanent" status over the past few years, bands like Minitel Rose face a pretty daunting uphill climb.… Read more »

Tortoise Beacons of Ancestorship

It’s All Around You represented a nadir for Tortoise, as the veteran Chicago avant-rockers gave in to their blandest proclivities and forged a Muzak™ tribute to themselves.… Read more »


Liechtenstein Survival Strategies in a Modern World

Did Slumberland make some kind of pact with the devil? How do they keep unearthing one amazing indie-pop band after another?… Read more »

WhoMadeWho The Plot

Does the world really need another nth-generation dance-punk album? Danish trio WhoMadeWho apparently thinks so. The Plot is the band's sophomore record, and all the familiar post-post-punk elements are in place. Angular Gang of Four basslines?… Read more »

Hecuba Paradise

At least no one can accuse Hecuba of not striving for greatness. The debut album from this artsy Los Angeles duo certainly sounds important, but it doesn't take long to realize that Paradise doesn't pack a whole lot of punch.… Read more »

Trentemøller Harbour Boat Trips — 01: Copenhagen

While it's hard to believe that an electronic music veteran like Anders Trentemøller could go nearly a decade without being tapped for a proper mix CD, the tracks contained on Harbour Boat Trips are perhaps even more shocking.… Read more »

City Center City Center

This new project from former Saturday Looks Good To Me honcho Fred Thomas takes more than a few moves from the Panda Bear playbook.… Read more »

Rubies Explode From the Center

After logging nearly seven years together in Bay Area ensemble Call and Response, Rubies’ Simone Rubi and Terri Lowenthal have a solid pop pedigree.… Read more »

Dirty Projectors Bitte Orca

Since its formation by Yale-educated music student Dave Longstreth in 2002, Brooklyn-based indie outfit Dirty Projectors has released a Don Henley-themed concept album, an album of re-interpreted Black Flag songs, and a single with David Byrne.… Read more »

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